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Friday, May 27, 2016

Cynthia's ignorant accusation that Duterte admitted China owns Scarborough backfires ~SHARE

Cynthia Patag's believable stupidity
Cynthia Patag is a wonderful comedienne who doesn't have to act to be funny. Her laborious attempt to be appear intelligent is hilarious.

Imagine, she said that Duterte admitted that China owns Scarborough Shoal because Digong asked if Pinoy fishermen can fish in that area.  Duterte made the request so that the fishermen will have food on the table.

Patag's basis for her claim? A Facebook page called Juan Nationalist (which is anything but nationalist because everything it post appear pro-American but not pro-Filipino and quotes which again is a pro-American online publication).

How dumb can that be? Duterte wants to our fishermen to have food to eat. Unfortunately, because the elitist LP admin had never experience hunger before; they didn't do anything to help the fishermen.  They didn't care if the fishermen went hungry.

Fortunately, Duterte solved the problem by simply requesting the Chinese to allow the fishermen to fish.

The big question now is why are the Chinese are in Scarborough?  The answer, because PNOY allowed them to BE THERE!

We can't enter Scarborough because PNOY made a de facto surrender of our shoal and because of the de facto surrender, the Chinese are de facto owners of the shoal! 

Patag! 1) Duterte found a solution for our hungry fishermen. 2) Duterte did not create the de facto loss of Scarborough Shoal, it was beloved YELLOW administration who did. Stick to entertainment, you are out of your league.


  1. Truly so many numb, unthinking people in our midst.

  2. She is not on drugs. What she has is purely natural and that my friend is incurable.

  3. Patag loves to play boomerang! And always got hit right on her forehead ��