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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Malacanang Spokesman suggest the Duterte's platform is Daang Matuwid in disguise ~SHARE~

Trying to steal the thunder from Mayor Duterte, ‎MalacaƱang Communications Sec. Herminio Coloma Jr. insinuates that Duterte's platform is actually their idea. Granting it was their idea, they were certainly incompetent in the execution just like many things they have done.  All we have to do is mention the MRT, LTO license, Mamasapano and many others.

The basis of my comment is a article published in titled 'Ayaw patalo? Malacanang says Duterte’s platform is ‘daang matuwid’ under another name'.

Please comment if you agree or disagree. The full article is shown below.

 'Ayaw patalo? Malacanang says Duterte’s platform is ‘daang matuwid’ under another name'.

With Rodrigo Duterte’s landslide election. Malacanang has conceded that ‎” people have spoken and their verdict is accepted and respected.”

In a statement, ‎Communications Sec. Herminio Coloma Jr. pointed out that while it’s “daang matuwid” bet Mar Roxas has lost, Malacanang was confident that the “path of good governance or Daang Matuwid is already established as all presidential candidates spoke out against corruption, and in favor of continuing and expanding present pro-poor programs, and pursuing more initiatives to sustain the strong economy and achieve inclusive growth.”

If you recall, Roxas was touted as the only candidate who could guarantee that Daang Matuwid would continue in the next administration. Just a day after the elections, Malacanang has apparently changed its tune with Duterte’s resounding victory.

‎Coloma is now insisting that Duterte’s platform is basically a daang matuwid blueprint (I’m sure Duterte won’t mind because he said he has been copying since Grade 1).

“Daang Matuwid may be called different names, but its purpose and spirit will have lasting impact, and continue to shape the consciousness of our people and those that serve them in accordance with the principles of good governance and responsible citizenship,” said Coloma.

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