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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Faced w/ the enormous challenges of reshaping the nation Duterte cries & sobs

Credits of this photo goes to the  photographer
Tabangi ko ma (Mother, please help me) Duterte cried out as he asked his beloved mother for help.

Aware of the colossal challenges he faces in reshaping the nation, Duterte who was still the presumptive president was unable to contain his pent up emotions.

Self confessed mama's boy, President Rody Duterte visited his mother's grave hours after finding out he was leading in the 2016 presidential polls. The president can be heard wailing and sobbing.

I only I had the chance to asked the President the question about what does it feel like when you carry the enormous burden of saving your country from ruin & knowing that your enemies are trying to bring you down in every move.

Whose shoulders does he cry on when he feels like giving up but knowing he can't because millions of Filipinos are pinning their hopes & dreams on him knowing that he is the only hope we've got.

Watch the video shown below
Credits of this video goes to the videographer.

Duterte is said to have wanted to cry out loud but was too busy campaigning.

The president's late father Vicente Duterte was the former governor of Davao and his mother, Soledad was a public school teacher and activist during her lifetime.

Credits of this photo goes to the  photographer.

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