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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mar Roxas’ Useless & Insincere Affidavit Of Transparency. Honesty or trickery? You decide ~Share~

Mar Roxas’s supporters cheered. Their chant was that their candidate was clean and honest because he volunteered to make his own affidavit.

But as it turned out it may be useless piece of document because it looks like a fortress full of brick walls meant to ensure that the information is protected.

Brick Wall 1:
His full name is  Manuel Araneta Roxas II and with the banks are very strict with names nowadays the affidavit may not even be honored.  So let’s go to the next step, let’s assume the bank will honor it.

Brick Wall 2:
Mar Roxas set a deadline for the investigation. The affidavit states that the bank documents can only be accessed during the period of his candidacy. When does his candidacy expire? Time is needed to thoroughly  investigate.

BrickWall 3:
Mar Roxas limited the people who can access the information.  Only to the BIR and the Ombudsman can review the information, which means that no one else can investigate the documents because this may be protected under the  Data Privacy Act of 2012.   Can other investigators access Roxas’ information?

Finally, if Roxas was a crook; wouldn’t he be stupid to put the assets in his name. Assets can be hidden behind holding companies and dummies which are also protected by the bank secrecy law.

So let’s go back to the bravado and cheering of Mar supporters and ask; if your candidate was so clean and honest, why doesn’t he give investigators freedom to check and investigate his finances.

At the end of the day,  the difference between Roxas and Duterte is that Mar Roxas’ affidavit was like an innocent looking contract with a sneaky fine print full of disclaimers. Duterte’s response was just a straight-forward denial which reflects the ways of corporate lawyers versus the ways of the streets.

Conclusion: Mar Roxas is a smooth operator.

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