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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mar Roxas will release GMA & will forgive the Binay family if he becomes president ~SHARE

Yes, Roxas will release his former boss GMA just like the way he worked for pardon of convicted plunderer and also ex-boss Erap Estrada.  Aside from that, he will also pardon the Binay family from all criminal liability if he becomes president if certain conditions exist.

Impossible? Well you judge for yourself.

For starters, it was Mr. Daang Matuwid initiated the pardon of convicted plunderer Erap Estrada and shown below is a document to prove it. To know more, click here.

Releasing GMA will be a lot easier for Mar Roxas because if the evidence against Arroyo is weak he will have to release his former boss.

This is exactly what Duterte answered when he was asked the question 'if the evidence is weak, will you release GMA?' Being a lawyer, Duterte said that he will have to release GMA if the evidence is weak. 

The sad fact about our justice system is that it is very slow, as a matter of fact GMA has been under house arrest for nearly 6 years and until now the case against her is unsettled. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The case of Binay's family is a bit different. Today, April 6, 2016; mentioned in a story titled Mar invites Poe to dialogue vs. 'looming dictatorship'  states that PNoy has been in touch with Binay to form a possible alliance with Mar.

Binay's family has a pending case against them and the biggest motivation for them to join the alliance is to ensure that all cases against them will be dropped and possibly also a refund of all their campaign expenses.

If GMA is released and Binay backs Mar Roxas, then the Mar Roxas' hypocrisy will be exposed. By then Daang Matuwid will be known as a farce but the transfixed daang matuwid fanatics will still see Mar Roxas as Mr. Clean.

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