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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mar's 'conceding speech' did not offer a hand of peace nor friendship. Is Revenge coming? ~SHARE~

Watch the video before making a comment.

Very disappointed in Mar Roxas' speech. While it is true that Mar conceded defeat to Mayor Duterte, his speech did not offer a hand of peace nor does it mention or promise to support Duterte's administration.

When Grace Poe conceded; she was gracious and mentioned that she was willing to support Duterte's administration for the sake of the nation. Mar Roxas' speech mentions only two things in relation to Duterte, 1) That he (Mar) accepts the will of the people, and that 2) he wishes Digong success.

His speech gives me the impression that he is very angry at Mayor Duterte; and that he intends to get even someday. On a number of occasions on national TV, I caught Mar easily spark in anger; for me this is a bad sign because short tempered people hold grudges. 

These are just my opinions. Please share yours. Thanks.

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