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Thursday, May 26, 2016

NBI - The DRUG that killed partygoers blew up their heart & internal organs ~SHARE

Imagine you are the parent of these young people who went out for a night of fun at a place you thought was safe and unknown to you it is teeming with parasitic drug pushers.  How painful it is for the parents that these youths who were full of life have been snapped out because of greed.

Read the article shown below to know the horror these pushers have done.

NBI: Whatever killed partygoers blew up their heart, organs
By: Aie Balagtas See @inquirerdotnet Philippine Daily Inquirer 12:35 AM May 26th, 2016

Whatever Bianca Fontejon, and Lance Garcia ingested during Saturday’s outdoor concert at the SM Mall of Asia, it had the same effect as swallowing an explosive.

“There was bleeding in the internal organs which is highly unusual in cases like these. Almost all internal organs were involved—the brain, the lungs,  the liver, the intestines, the spleen and the kidneys,” National Bureau of Investigation medico legal officer Wilfredo Tierra told the Inquirer on Wednesday.

Whatever it was that they took, it was potent enough to damage all of their internal organs which carried signs of ruptured tissues or blood vessels, he said.
But what struck him the most, Tierra added, was the state of the victims’ hearts—both looked as if they had been grilled as these were a mixture of brown, red and black in color.

“It was the first time I had ever seen something like this,” said the medico legal officer who has been performing autopsies for 20 years.

He added: “This is a severe form, [at] the extreme [end] of the spectrum of a heart attack because during the conduct of the autopsy, almost all parts of the heart were involved.”

Tierra, who autopsied the victims’ bodies, earlier said that Fontejon, who was only 18 years old; and Garcia, aged 36; had died of a heart attack.

He clarified, however, on Wednesday that the two did not die solely of a heart attack, saying their deaths were unusual because all their internal organs failed.

According to Tierra, there was bleeding and swelling in the victims’ brains and large intestines while there were also signs of hemorrhage in a big portion of their lungs.

“We will take this as a whole. Heart attack was not the only cause of death. If what was taken was ingested, the whole body system was affected,” he said.

Tierra went on to say that based on the condition of their hearts, it was also the first time that the victims had suffered a heart attack. A “normal heart attack” would only change the organ’s color from pink to slight brown, not black like the victims’.

However, he declined to speculate on what had caused the bleeding, saying the NBI’s forensic division was still finalizing the report on the results of the toxicology and dangerous drugs tests.

Fontejon and Garcia were among five people who suddenly collapsed at the Closeup Forever Summer outdoor concert. All died hours later in the hospital. The autopsies conducted on two other victims, Eric Anthony Miller and Ken Migawa, showed that they suffered sudden cardiac death.


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  2. It all boils down to good parenting and responsible partying. You don't blame the pushers, you decide if you'll take it or not, period!

    1. Actually you do have to blame the pushers. No matter how good a parent you are, and your children are swayed to do things that you don't agree, they will do it. You blame the pushers because they're the ones who also smear the society with ills---vending wares to destroy people's lives. I see that you are commenting like this and said that it's not the pushers because you're not thinking right. You are just saying that based on your personal feelings against Duterte. Duterte is not an enemy. NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR DO, HE IS STILL THE PRESIDENT, SO YOU BETTER ACCEPT IT.

    2. Hey Mr "Period", do you know what the pushers of this crime is facing when they are caught? I guess you have no idea right? It's FIRST DEGREE MURDER you insensitive election loser!! Do you deny that there was a motive to distribute (gave for free, sell, it doesn't matter) a drink laced with illegal substances in the guise of a party beverage in a concert event?? Do you deny that the substances used were known to the "distributor" to be government-controlled?? Do you deny that the perpetrator PLANNED to use the concert as an opportune event to distribute said concocted drink and not just carelessly left it somewhere to be randomly picked up and consumed by unsuspecting passersby?? Do you deny that these facts took place? Do you honestly believe that pushers will always be totally ineffective for as long as emotionally driven, adrenaline-fuelled, music-entranced, (God-forbid)-intoxicated,from-all-walks-of-life partygoers are not going to have anything to do with any green colored beverage lying around???? I would like to know how much of a saint you expect kids to be these days to say what you've just said.

    3. No It is not good parenting, because even though how strict you are if the children sees that it is ok with the LAW, they will still insist on going but if children or teen-agers sees that it cannot be done without a curfew or strict implimentation of the do's and dont's inside the venue. If we have a FULL IMPLIMENTATION of the LAW, this might have been avoided! PLEASE ALL WE CAN DO NOW IS COOPERATE AND THINK OF HOW WE CAN CONTRIBUTE TO THE REFORMATION OF OUR NATION! LET"S HELP PRES. DUTERTE!!!!

    4. Blame the pusher, not the user.

    5. Blame the pusher, not the user.

  3. I think we should not only blame parents as some of these people are of legal age and in their mid 30' should also about education on the harmful effects of drugs especially this type and using the power social media to spread and warn the public in general..

  4. Todays generation kids are so stubborn and don't listen to their parents anymore.parants having so hard time to discipline their children where as way back before we don't have freedom of speech towards our parents.ANG TITIGAS NA TALAGA NG MGA KABATAAN TALAGA NGAYON GENERASION.PAIN ON THE NECK SILA TALAGA!SO SOMETIMES ITS NOT THE PARENTS ITS THE INFLUENCE OUTSIDE THAT PULL OUR CHILDREN APART FROM US.NO MATTER HOW LOVE YOU SHOW TO THEM THEY WILL REALLY ESCAPE AND DO WHAT THEY WANT.

  5. If only we have the CSI and the FBI on this case. It would be simple to catch the drug peddler because the drug is now becoming obvious that it came from one pusher. Its showing too that the pusher must have sold his drugs outside because the security conducted two body searches inside plus police and security k9 dogs where at the venue.

  6. Must be Fentanyl drug

  7. Somebody on the other side(just saying) perpetrated the scene to negatively put the incoming president at stake so that the latter will be maliciously criticize by the public considering that drugs is his primordial advocacy. Another black smoke from the other side. Lets all be in solidarity and accept the fact that election is done already. The electorate already manifested their choices. Move on for the best interest of our country.

  8. People should know and be educated on this new drug that is also killing people instantly in North America

  9. This kind of drug MADE and served its purpose...NBI should accelerate their investigation

  10. This kind of drug MADE and served its purpose...NBI should accelerate their investigation

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