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Monday, May 30, 2016

Robredo did not cheat but someone else may have & it's not Leni's fault she won ~SHARE

COMELEC WILL SUE ANYONE FALSELY CLAIMING FRAUD which means that even if Leni reports to the COMELEC that LP is cheating and that she might win the elections; COMELEC will still ask her to 'prove it' and if she can't prove it the COMELEC will sue her.

Of course, whoever is cheating to make her win will have to prove to the COMELEC that they are cheating so Leni won't be sued. Right? OK, end of the sarcasm.

Before anything else; let it be known that 1) I supported Alan Peter Cayetano, 2) I am not crazy about Bong-bong Marcos 3) I think Leni has nice smile 4) I don't really care who will be VP because I think BBL or LR are creepy to be Digong's Vice-President. 

I DO NOT TRUST any of the two.

So where do I stand re Leni Robredo. I do not believe Leni Robredo cheated and if there was cheating I do not believe she was part of it. She may have benefited from it but it is not her fault.

Some argue she is still at fault because she didn't stop the cheating.  But how will she stop something of which she didn't know anything about.  By 'about', I mean how can she possibly acquire the 'knowhow' to cheat an election.

Even if there was cheating, how the hell would she know when, where, and how the cheating will occur.

Electoral cheating is highly technical, expensive, and needs to be very organized with military precision if they don't want to get caught. Leni has neither the experience, the expertise, nor the funds to execute massive cheating. If there was cheating, only one group has the resources and expertise to do it.  Which group is it? Your guess is as good as mine. 

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