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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Embarassing: Transexual who called Mocha 'stupid' after Robredo remark looks 'stupider' ~SHARE

Self proclaimed intellectual Miyako Izabel; who describes himself as a Filipino transsexual blogger and agent provocateur on Facebook called Mocha an IMBECILE (Exhibit B).  He said this as a reaction to Mocha Uson's post which threatened to remove Leni Robredo from office if she gives Duterte a hard time (Exhibit A).

His basis for calling Mocha stupid is Uson's statement "... or else we will (be) forced to remove you (Leni Robredo) from office".

Miyako assumes that Mocha refers to an impeachment or filing a case against Leni with ombudsman as the method Mocha had in mind to remove Robredo from office.

Unfortunately, this is where Miyako Izabel's claim of intellectual superiority over Mocha Uson hit a snag.

Mocha did not specify nor mention the method she intended to use against Leni Robredo. Since Uson did not reveal how she intended to remove Leni from the Vice-presidency, then Miyako cannot conclude that Mocha's method is stupid because Uson did not present her action plan.

It is like telling me that the way I intend to fix my computer is wrong even if you don't how I intend to do it.

Lastly, typographical errors and incorrect grammar happen even to the best of us. Intelligence is revealed in the clarity of thought and logic; not in the big words and winding prose.

(Exhibit A) Mocha Uson's post.

(Exhibit B) Miyako Izabel's response to Mocha Uson's post.

Click to go to Miyako Izabel's blog

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