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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Was Roxas caught lying on CNN & tried to make Stevens look stupid? Watch, decide, & SHARE

The video shown above is Andrew Stevens of CNN interviewing Mar Roxas. When confronted by Stevens regarding the uncollected bodies on the streets, Roxas initially said 'I think...' then all of a sudden he asserts himself as though he was very sure that the uncollected bodies were not the same ones.

Unfortunately for Roxas, Stevens stood his ground and insisted that they were the same bodies. Andrew wouldn't allow Mar to destroy his credibility.

This is where Roxas lies are caught.
For Stevens to know if these were the same uncollected bodies means that the body bags were found in the same spot and in the same position every time he passed by them.

Roxas claimed that these were NOT the same bodies.

Mar's claim is absurd.  Why would anyone arrange the bodies in the same spot and in the position identical to the bodies that were already retrieved? That is a wasted of time.

Watch the video and draw your own conclusion. Please leave a comment & click like.

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