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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why Duterte? An ex-addict's point of view. Here's why! By Lito Gruet ~SHARE`

This was written by my friend Lito Gruet was at the peak of his career as an actor and male model until one day a single puff of shabu changed and nearly destroyed his life forever.

Click this link if you have a friend or family member who is into drugs. Lito can help you.


I have a nephew facing possible life imprisonment for being framed and wrongly accused for pushing! Another nephew following my bad footsteps making drugs his "Career". I have yet another nephew who now has drug-induced psychosis!

My days as an actor.

My life was destroyed by drugs and so with many others... Including their families... Young children using and being used as drug couriers! So many friends and relatives are either in jail... In mental institutions .. Or are now dead! I saw so much corruption in the law enforcement and the judiciary... Hell, the captain who apprehended me once not just wanted money for my freedom... He wanted to "Have sex" with my sister too (I  hope he is dead somewhere!) let's be honest...Just like me, you all know of some loved one within your own family, a relative, a neighbor, a schoolmate, an office mate who has been victimized by drugs or crime. It is so common nowadays... It's ridiculously scary! Something has to be done and someone has to do it!

When I used to model.

In my 16 years as an incorrigible drug addict,  I  have come across several administrations. And all  I  saw were band-aid solutions! Sure... A crime or 2 would be solved... But a thousand others are brazenly happening everywhere... Mostly unsolved... Or more accurately "Conveniently swept under the rug". Why?.. Because the real problems are the powerful corrupt politicians and businessmen who are the protectors and financiers! Yes... In fairness...Past administrations tried to solve crime...But it has not been enough... Far from it! Something has to be done... Now!

Duterte may not be the messiah you are all sarcastically joking about. But at least here is someone who is going to focus on crime and corruption and try where everyone else has failed! He is far from perfect, but so is everyone else!

Whether you like it or not he is our next president! The people have chosen! Accept it and move on! For christ's sake he won close to 7 million votes over the next candidate... That's the entire population of one country... Hong kong!

My photo as a drug addict.

So instead of continuing to find ways to to put him down and find fault... And continue to divide the country by claiming that your equally imperfect candidate is better, .. Let's join together and help fix this country... We are so fractured and so left behind by other countries because we remain to be selfish people! Other countries rally behind their chosen leader... We do not have patriotism!

Me today.
Let us now stop calling each other "Abnoys"... "Dutertards"... "Tra-poes" or "Binayarans". In case you have forgotten...We are all filipinos...Hey, we all want a better country and a better future...

Can we at least make this imperfect leader try?

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Interview: My life as an addict.

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