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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Anti-drug crusader's daughter gang raped by drug lords men ~SHARE

There are times in my anger that I wish that the daughters of those human rights advocates will be gang raped and mutilated so they can feel the pain of victims and their families.

The argument that if I seek the death penalty, I will be no different from the criminals is bullshit. The victims and their families did not hurt anyone so how can they be the same as the criminals.  That liberal line of argument is rubbish.

I was chatting with a friend this afternoon and towards the end of our conversation she told me a story of a well connected anti-drug crusader whose daughter was gang raped.

This crusader is well known in the drug fighting community as a principled and courageous man.  He couldn't be bought.  This person was responsible for the arrest of big time drug pushers and I am honestly surprised why he is still alive until now.  Maybe it is his mastery of evasion and escape techniques that has helped him survive.

Cynthia Patag shares post mocking Chief Supt. Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa who is risking his life and his family's to fight drug lords.

Unfortunately, his family members are soft targets and that is what the drug lord did; they kidnapped his daughter and had her gang raped by several men.  Fortunately, she was not killed.  She was sent home so her father could see her psychologically shattered daughter tormented by the horrific experience everyday.

My friend told me that his daughter no longer leaves the house because she is traumatized.

The hardest thing for people who go after these heartless criminals is when their loved ones become the target of revenge.

Anti-drug crusaders know that there is only one language the criminals understand and that is the language of the fear of death.  Imprisonment don't scare them; they can still operate their business from prison. And because of their wealth they can buy protection from the guards and even have body guards inside the jail.

Only one thing will stop these hardened criminals, and it is the fear of death or death itself.

Watch the video of prisoner living in style.
He has an office and even has bodyguards.

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