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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cynthia Patag to fulfil PNoy's promise tomorrow of making sure Duterte won't be President ~SHARE

Cynthia Patag is now about to fulfil the desires of President B. S. Aquino.  If you recall, PNoy  declared 'he would appeal to the electorate to wage another “people power” if Duterte won.  Hard to believe this kind of talk comes from a man who "believes" in democarcy and you'll find his statement in ariticle title 'Aquino wary of another dictator' last April 30, 2016.

On June 12, 2016 Sunday, at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani, EDSA cor. QC Ave, Quezon City. Cynthia Patag will make the first step to oust Duterte.

As Cynthia Patag wrote; "This is our chance to start MOVING and DOING something to save our families, ourselves, our people, our country, our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY..."

Although she did not mention PEOPLE Power, it is clear that is what she intends to do.  Why do I say that? Because she talks about DOING something to save their families. Save their families from whom? From someone she calls a madman (Duterte), how does she intend to do that? Obviously, by preventing Duterte from being sworn in as president.

Unfortunately for her, Duterte foresaw that LPs from Manila would attempt a People Power and that is why Duterte has made Davao the de facto seat of government.

President Aquino's arrogance is truly shocking; he actually plans to disrespect the voice of the people and encourage civil war. Of what use is our vote if our voices can't be heard.  If he is willing to defy the election results, what will stop him from cheating?

Another article I found interesting is taken from from titled 'Stupid legacy: PNoy threat to launch ‘people power’ if Duterte and Marcos Jr win' written last April 20, 2016 by Add.

'Stupid legacy: PNoy threat to launch ‘people power’ if Duterte and Marcos Jr win' - April 20, 2016 by Add.

I showed the “Duterte rape joke” video to guys not in the internet on three occasions, family drivers, tryke drivers, construction workers. The reaction was unanimous that Rodrigo Duterte (DU30) was not cracking a necrophiliac joke, nor was he promoting rape. They interpreted “dapat na-una mayor” as “tarantado kayo, mas tarantado ako”. It was to them a rape joke alright, but as I already suspected, not about rape per se, but in advancing his machismo image. So, I understand now why the audience laughed.

I will speculate that in the next survey, we will see a decrease in number in the ABC crowd, which has been his forte, but perhaps not that much since this segment, I guess, is more interested in a protest vote or a vote of disgust with the incumbent. On the other hand, he might have picked up votes in the D and E since the tabloids have picked up on the story.

DU30 now concentrates his campaign on the National Capital Region (NCR), Cebu, and Mindanao, and he is well on his way to the palace by the Pasig River. Bongbong Marcos (BBM) has also cementing his lead via Luzon and the NCR, concentrating on labor groups where he has gained much support of even those who used to be dissidents of Martial Law (ML).

If ever, it is Grace Poe who would have gained from Duterte’s rape joke scandal because the favorability survey of Mar Roxas and Jejomar Binay are in the scale of hate. People are just repulsed by these two.

But what is more worrisome now is that President Benigno Simeon Aquino III (PNoy) said he will lead a people power uprising if a DU30-BBM win happens. This is not an empty threat. He might not have people since his favorability rating is now zero in NCR and his Laglagan Party will no longer be there. Unfortunately, his core group remains. These bastards think the Philippines is all about them and all for them. They created a bubble economy to prop up their image, but really not to help the country. They will now incite havoc to burst that bubble. They can do that easily. PNoy has demonstrated his capability for treason just to advance themselves as he did in his now-infamous Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) project.

A DU30-BBM tandem will hit the ground running, and PNoy has to be careful or he will likely end up in jail. DU30 will resist every provocation to declare ML as this will only prove PNoy correct. But, the amount of chaos that will be created will be a measure of the extent to which the stupidity of PNoy will go. A stupid president will leave a stupid legacy. Just wish the likes of Raffy Alunan, Dante Liban, Roman Romulo, etc. instead of Pacquiao, Villanueva, Hontiveros, etc were in the Senate to help, but it seems the Senate will be more of the same, and it could be another problem.
So people will rejoice that change has come on May 9, but that change might not be beautiful in first two years because PNoy that early period could serve as a testing phase for PNoy’s on-going post-presidential stupidity


  1. katawa tawa ka nga patag mag comedian actress ka na lng mas bagay sau un... WALA KA NMAN ALAM NAGMAMARUNONG KA!

  2. Tama ! Balik artista kanalang comedian idol panaman kita. Addict ka ba kaya againts ka kay DU30?