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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cynthia posted that the P1 billion bounty to assassinate Duterte et al. is fake ~SHARE

Cynthia Patag posted a comment made by Bayani Santos Jr. suggesting that the P1 billion bounty raised by the drug lords to assassinate Duterte and company is just a publicity stunt by the PR people of Duterte.

Let's put it this way, an announcement earlier this month said that the reward to kill Duterte was increased by the drug lords because there were are no takers.

However, granting that the P1 Billion bounty pooled by several drug lords was exaggerated, it does not erase the fact that once Duterte is proclaimed as president; the drug lords will be out of business and many of them will die.

For the drug lords, P1 billion in nothing. Just recently, P1.1B worth of liquid shabu seized in a Pampanga raid; and that is only from one drug lord.

Think about it.  As of  2012, the Dangerous Drugs Board made a study which showed that there are 1.7 million drug addicts in the Philippines.  If there 2 million drug addicts now, and each drug addict spent P100 per day, that is a total sales of P200 million/day.   P200 million/day x 5 days = P1 Billion.

P1 Billion is so small because it will represent only 5 days of shabu sales. So, if you were a drug lord, why not set aside 5 days worth of shabu sales to get rid of a problem.  That's common sense right?

Now I pose a question.  What is the objective of downplaying the bounty on Duterte's head?  Isn't the purpose to make Duterte lose credibility so that his supporters will get disappointed and then Patag and company can organize a people power similar to what they attempted to do  last June 12, 2016?

Shown above is Cynthia Patag's attempt to prevent Duterte from assuming the job of becoming President.

What do you thing is the reason? Please comment and share.

Shown below is Cynthia Patag's post.


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  3. We all know that we are created by God and we all know that we all not perfect by putting God First as Mr. Duterte comments. He believe and worship God but not Religions he is the only President that speak the Truth. ""Action is better than Words"". I Support DU30 and his administration He is the only President can make the Changes and clean up the country Government System and all the corruptions and Criminals that destroying the country for a better future of the Country that every Filipino Citizens deserve. Where is the Law is respected and People is protected. He will bring the Canadian way of Government system which is Federalism and make the country safe to live and protect the heritage and all the family valorous as Filipinos. DU30 will Serve and Protect every single Filipinos citizens being in the country. DU30 will die for the people he knows that he has a big top job as a president he knows the every Filipino's is been taken advantage by every officials government running that is not qualified in the office and enough is enough and every Filipino citizens can not even protect themselves with all the corruptions in the country. DU30 will enforce the Law of the country and be respected. If you are Law abiding citizens you don't have to worry its that simple. I am Canadian Filipino citizens and I live both Government type of system the Canadian way and Philippines way of system and I hope DU30 will bring the Canadian way of Federalism System in the country and my Heart is Boholano. It's Time for Change. God Bless DU30 Our President and God Bless Philippines. If you break the Law you pay the prices is that simple. Everyone should respect authority figures do not abuse it. The change has to be done for the future for the children's and generations to come.