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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Did the post Cynthia Patag reshare disrespect BATO dela Rosa? ~SHARE

It is obvious to me that Cynthia Patag's purpose in sharing a post written by Philip Jr Lustre was to mock and make fun BATO dela Rosa.

Although Philip Jr Lustre's post intended to show that BATO dela Rosa is stupid, his attempt backfired when he demonstrated how little he understands that dynamics psywar and projection of power and the definition of the word duel.

Lustre opening salvo was the statement "The man (Bato) on the spot apparently does not know or understand dueling."

Duel is defined as "a prearranged, formal combat between two persons, usually fought to settle a point of honor".  This is where Lustre missed the definition, he overlooked the word usually, and that word makes the whole difference.

Yes, duels are usually fought to settle a point of honor but it doesn't necessarily mean that each duel is meant to settle a point of honor because a duel is also defined as "a struggle for domination between two contending persons, groups, or ideas."

Based on the later definition, it is obvious that the purpose of Bato's challenge was for good to dominate over the evil.

Unfortunately, Patag and Lustre also missed (but not surprisingly) the bigger picture. The purpose of Bato's challenge is a psywar and projection.  Who was Bato talking to directly? He was talking to the drug lords and communicating to them that "I am not scared of you!".

He was making the drug war personal between him and the drug lords. Bato was doing a classic trick of calling out the enemy and shaming him. He was insulting the thugs therefore Bato was projecting his power and domination over the drug lords.  These are concepts that Patag and Lustre's small brains cannot comprehend.

What pains me about Patag and Lustre's post is that it disrespects people like BATO dela Rosa who risk their lives and even the safety of their loved ones to go after drug pushers.

In a different post, I wrote about an anti-drug advocate whose daughter was gang raped to teach him a lesson. Everyday, this drug advocate is tormented when he sees his daughter.

Shame on you Patag & Lustre for making fun of people who risk their lives to protect our society and our children from the scourge of drugs.

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