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Friday, June 17, 2016

Duterte administration planning to make Badjaos as BANTAY DAGAT ~Watch video & SHARE~

The Duterte administration is planning on utilizing Badjaos as Bantay Dagats or guardian of the seas.  I personally think this is a brilliant idea because no other ethnic group makes the sea their home.

Being unable to adjust to modern society, Badjaos suffer discrimination and are marginalized.  Seen as nuisances, Badjaos are looked down upon scornfully because they have reduced themselves to being beggars.

Making the Badjaos Bantay Dagats will give them a sense of pride and make them feel that they are contributing to society; this quest for self-respect may be a motivating factor that may push them to want to blend their culture with the modern world.

However, how this idea will be implemented is a different story.

Being a Bantay Dagat is a dangerous job so the question is how will the government convince the Badjaos to become the guardians of the sea.  It is a fact that many Bantay Dagats have been killed by illegal poachers and dynamite fishermen.

Two questions arise.
The first question is what will the government do to protect the lives of the Badjaos and second, are the Badjaos willing to fight back to protect themselves.  Badjaos are peace loving and therefore cowards because they run away from a fight.

For the sake of our seas and the Badjaos, I hope this idea will succeed.

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