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Friday, June 10, 2016

Alleged Duterte supporter wants to kill alleged Duterte critic. Are Dutertards like this? ~SHARE

First of all, Duterte supporters should ask themselves; is this the way Dutertards want to be known?  Are Dutertards violent war freaks who will kill anyone who disagrees with them?  If no, what should be done about it?

The first time I saw this post was when Miyako Izabel shared it on his page.  Curious, I decided to investigate further about a certain Dann Navarro (Duterte supporter) who according to Chad Osorio aka Xhaddes Osoréaux threatened to kill him.

By all accounts it appeared that Navarro made a threat BUT what I didn't find was what Xhaddes Osoréaux wrote in his timeline to provoke Dann Navarro.  I can only surmise that the provocation was the alleged sarcastic open letter Chad Osorio aka Xhaddes Osoréaux wrote for Duterte.

By all means, threatening anyone is wrong but so is provoking anyone to violence.  In the insurance business, some policies exclude payment of hospitalization or death claims if proven that the violent incident was caused by a provocation.

The sad thing is that freedom of speech has been confused with freedom to insult.

Most Facebook post I read related to politics are not based on logical arguments but more on posturing on who is smarter. And when the arguments are weak, the pronouncements become littered with name-calling, sarcasm, and insults.

Dudes and dudettes. Sorry, insults, name-calling, sarcasm, etc... does not prove you are smart, it proves that you have lost the argument.

At the end of the day; the audience reading your post decides who wins or loses the argument. However, if it is any consolation, just remember that winning or losing also depends where your comments are written. If you write in a pro-Roxas forum and you are pro-Duterte, you will lose in the eyes of that audience because they have made up their minds. Vice versa.

This is what I suggest:
  1. Look for information that will strengthen your argument so that you can respond with logic to whoever you are arguing with.
  2. After you comment, make use of the "Turn off notification for this post" shown below. It will help you get away from negative people without unfriending them.

Life is too short to be stressed out. You can stand for you beliefs without picking a fight.

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