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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Is this the reason why Mariz Umali interpreted the whistle as malicious? ~SHARE

From her hand gesture, we can surmise that she is a Liberal Party supporter and what better gift can she give to Mar Roxas than a manufactured issue.

Let's face it.

If Mariz Umali said that she did not find Duterte's playful banter offensive, then whistling would not have been an issue.

But since she made a big issue out of it and so did her husband; the playful whistle has been called a catcall.

But wait, what is the definition of a catcall?

Catcalling is defined as making a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.

Mariz Umali was not passing by and Duterte was not making anything of a sexual nature. It was playful banter because Duterte treated her as a friend and also to lighten up the crowd.

Everyone knows Duterte likes to joke around and it looks like his good intention was maliciously twisted.

If Mariz Umali was offended, why was she caught smiling in the video shown below? Was it because she knew Duterte was joking? Everyone in the room were laughing because they knew it was a joke.

Digong must have felt betrayed.

Watch the video below of Duterte playfully and jokingly whistle at Umali.


  1. ... in fairness, if i were her husband, i would find it offensive...

  2. So you can whistle at women as long as they're not passing by? How would you feel if you're daughter, sister, wife or even you're mom is whistled at? Stop defending Duterte's inappropriate behavior.

    1. whistling can also be as appreciation of beauty, can either be from the same sex or the other, i see no malice from dutertes action, its you whos making it malicious. i would appreciate when my sister or mother be wistled at, that means my sister or mother is beautiful, and duterte has an eye for beautiful things, but that doesnt mean he is interested in it. stop your hyporcisy!!!!!

  3. Aguy , paghilom oi! Ka klaro ining nagpasi-aw si-aw ra si Digong dinhi! Over ninyo ka onion skin oi!! Mura bay gyud ug unsa ka kaguapa?! Paghilom!! Kulang ka lang sa pansin!!

  4. Feel mo maganda ka mukha kanamang palaka. Stupida

  5. Feel mo maganda ka mukha kanamang palaka. Stupida

  6. Bullshit..sana mangyari sa inyo o sa kapamilya ang nangyari ke
    Mariz,tignan natin naman ang gagawin nyo.

  7. OA reaction mo day! D ka nga kagandahan. O nagpapapansin ka lang? Whistling is a form of appreciation for beauty. Journalist ka pa naman pa onion skin ka pa. If you just let it go d ka sana napipintasan ng karamihan ngayun.

  8. Mariz was not offended by what Mayor Duterte did..tan awon sa nto ang footage before ta mo react..OAmz ra kaau ang mga reaction