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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Leni Robredo supporter wishes murdered Duterte supporter to Suffer In Hell ~SHARE

Just because 18 year old Sunshine Mallari Capinpin was a Duterte supporter, a woman claiming to be Wilhelmina Ford unleashed a hateful rant on her Facebook wall wishing Sunshine to "suffer in hell".

Wilhelmina Ford wrote:
Attention to all 16 million who voted for Duterte diba ito ang gusto ninyo it na. Ha ha ha Funeral business is booming in the Philippines this time. Enjoy with Duterte for 6 years lots of coffin everyday to be sold. Why family of Sunshine asking for justice your life is over this is what you people asking for is that correct? You voted for Duterte he has no justice his aim is to kill whether you are drug lord or not.

Sa aming mga kaibigan at kamag-anak sa labas ng bansa na sumuporta kay Duterte ito ang masasabi namin, UMUWI NA KAYO AGAD SA PILIPINAS UPANG SAKSIHAN ANG GUSTONG-GUSTO NINYONG MANGYARI, ANG PAGPATAY SA MGA KRIMINAL, DRUG PUSHERS AT DRUG LORDS
Ang babaeng namatay ay si Sunshine Mallari Capinpin, supporter ni Duterte na maaring nadamay lang isama sana si Mocha Unson pag patay din. Ito isa sa mga dutertard ang namatay. Sunshine ito na magdusa kana sa emperno yan ang gusto mo. 
Hindi sana ito nangyari kung tamang para-an sa pagpuksa ng krimen ay idinadaan ayon sa batas.

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No one knows who shot Sunshine Mallari Capinpin who was murdered together with her 40 year old uncle Enrique Mendiola.  The only thing we know for now based on a PhilStar report is a statement from "Arayat Mayor Bon Alejandrino said Mendiola was a known drug pusher in the town and a suspect in last week’s killing of a certain Joel Garcia, another drug personality".

However, a different picture is presented on a post at Evan Demata Facebook wall.  According to the post, Sunshine's uncle Enrique Mendiola was the Chief Bantay Bayan of Barangay Cacutud and was a supporter of a defeated mayoral under Bong-bong Marcos.

This seems consistent with the story of Enrique Mendiola's niece (named withheld upon her request) who reached out to me to clarify matters.   According to the niece, her uncle Enrique was not a drug pusher.  He served as the bodyguard of the ex-Mayor of Arayat, Pampanga and also as Chief Bantay.

The death of Enrique Mendiola and Sunshine Mallari Capinpin are tragic and I have two wishes related to their demise.  The first is that they will get justice and the second is at that Wilhelmina Ford will realise how hurtful and unchristian her comments were about Sunshine. To wish Sunshine to suffer in hell is so vile and makes Ms. Ford no different from Duterte supporters who are also full of hate.

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Screen grab of Wilhelmina Ford's post.

Screen grab of Wilhelmina Ford profile.

1 comment:

  1. correction lang, kaming mga duterte supporters nagkakaganyan lang naman kami kapag inuunahan, never kaming nangunguna na kagaya nyang si wilhelmina ford, never naming nag wish na may mamatay or whatever so PLEASE DON'T SAY THAT WE ARE FULL OF HATE, we hate the things that the yellow team do to our tatay digong but we never are the first to wish anything bad to anybody, and we only react when they start it first which is always the case, the same way this Ford is doing... was she even reasonable? you mean to say she was doing just right with what she did? of course you would say no, as for us, we are defendors and warriors, we know what we are fighting for and that is against the drug pushers, criminals and corrupt people... but to say that we are also haters and kami nangunguna? naku, huminahon kayo , etong Ford ang klarong sira ulo and obsessed and full of hatred!