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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Painting Duterte as a tyrant - Inquirer story encourages citizens to oppose Duterte ~SHARE

Former Commission on Human Rights chair Etta Rosales. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO
NEWS IS SUPPOSE TO tell two or more sides of the story, but the Inquirer article shown below doesn't do that.  Instead, the news sounds like a pro-CHR article which is written like a PR offensive against Duterte and portraying him as a tyrant.

The article encourages people to rise against Duterte by suggesting that one "should not be timid and afraid".

But wait, has Duterte ever violated the rights of law abiding and peace loving citizens? There is none that I know of.  If Duterte was such a bad person, then the people of Davao would have been the first to rise against him.

Rather than fear Duterte, the people of Davao love and respect him.

Now let's look at the kind of people the CHR is protecting.  These are the drug lords and other criminals elements of our society.

Do these people fear Duterte? Yes they do and they live in a climate of fear and timidity because Duterte will go after them. Unfortunately, the CHR sides with the criminals and wants law abiding and peace loving citizens to live in fear so that these criminals will be free.

As far as the CHR is concerned, the criminals have more rights than we do.

Shown below is the inquirer article that is the basis of my comments. Please share your thoughts and leave a comment.

Climate of timidity, fear: Former CHR chair cites lessons of June 12, 1898
By: DJ Yap @inquirerdotnet Philippine Daily Inquirer 01:15 AM June 12th, 2016

The incoming administration of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is creating a “climate of timidity and fear,” a human-rights advocate said on Friday as the Philippines prepared to celebrate Independence Day.

In a message to the Inquirer, Loretta Ann Rosales, former chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), said the incoming Duterte administration ought to be reminded of the lessons of June 12, 1898, and to refrain from policies and pronouncements antithetical to democracy.

Duterte, the foul-mouthed mayor of Davao City who takes office as the 16th President of the Philippines on June 30, has announced an explosive anticrime campaign that includes the summary killing of criminal suspects, especially drug dealers, and warned the incoming Congress “not to make the mistake” of investigating his administration’s law-enforcement actions.

The brash former prosecutor has also vowed to restore the death penalty, with hanging as the preferred method of execution.

Rule of fear
“It is an old adage that has been said over and over again: A government that rules in a climate of fear does not make the place safer for its citizens. It only makes the citizens weaker before the government,” she said.

Rosales, a survivor of human rights abuses during the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, lamented what she called a creeping climate of self-censorship, noting that so few political leaders seemed willing to challenge Duterte on his views on human rights and free speech.

“We experienced this in 14 years of dictatorial rule under Marcos where citizens were cowed into timidity and fear. We learned to liberate ourselves from fear and timidity when we gradually understood the meaning of our basic rights and responsibilities the way our forefathers did,” she said.

“We were able to overcome the dictatorship.  Let us learn our lessons from the past that we may not be cowed into timidity and self-censorship before it is too late,” she said.
Intolerance for reminders

Rosales said Duterte’s promise to eradicate crime was welcome, but his lack of tolerance for reminders about the observance of human rights was alarming.

“While the entire nation fully supports a relentless drive against crime, illegal drugs and corruption, the incoming Duterte administration expresses little tolerance or none at all for those who remind him that the rule of law, including the human rights law, must govern policies in the pursuit of criminals while due process must prevail in dealing with those arrested,” she said.

“The daily news of buy-bust operations arresting suspected drug pushers and drug lords by an energized Philippine National Police is an encouraging sign that there is much resolve in the drive to eradicate crime. But to keep silent in the face of summary killings without benefit of investigation is to abdicate responsibility as law enforcers, making a mockery of the rule of law and civilized governance,” she said.

Standing up to Duterte
Rosales said this was the reason why it was so important to make the human rights issue known to the public and to air the side of the CHR against the “current attitude of arrogance and condescension drawn from the might of the popular vote.”

She was alluding to the statements of her successor, CHR Chair Jose Luis Martin Gascon, one of the few officials who dared to stand up to Duterte, earning him a stinging rebuke from the President-elect.

In May, in response to a CHR report finding him liable for violations of the Magna Carta for Women for his outrageous remark about the gang-rape and murder of an Australian missionary during a prison riot in Davao City in 1989, Duterte told Gascon to shut up and called the CHR chief an idiot.

At a CHR event on Wednesday, Gascon spoke about the promises and threats made by the incoming Duterte administration, vowing to respond only to events and facts instead of speculations and rumor.
“If the events and facts suggest there’s repression rather than promotion of human rights, the CHR is prepared to stand firm in the defense of or promotion and fulfillment of human rights for all people,” Gascon said.

The CHR chief said his role was only that of a “referee.”
“As referee, our job is to call out if the line has been crossed. Let’s not take offense. This is not personal,” he said.

“If there are abuses in word or deed, we will say ‘this goes against the Constitution,’” he said.
“All leaders of the nation, from the President to the barangay tanod, has the responsibility to act according to the Constitution,” he said.

Human dignity
Rosales said Independence Day could be a reminder to Duterte and his people about their moral obligation to respect human dignity.

“Today, we commemorate the greatness of our forefathers as martyrs and heroes who did not hesitate to offer their lives that their sons and daughters and the generations thereafter would enjoy the freedom to be alive and live freely, to be respected and enjoy one’s human dignity, to pursue their development and self-worth through the full enjoyment of their human rights,” she said.

These treasured principles, she said, are now enshrined in eight of nine international human-rights treaties the Philippines has ratified and that oblige the country to comply with international human rights standards and norms.

Duterte has said that human rights is a Western concept that does not apply to the Philippines.
He has been linked to so-called death squads that have killed more than 1,000 criminal suspects in Davao City.

He has denied any role in the killings and no charges have been brought against him.
But during the campaign, Duterte vowed to kill tens of thousands of criminals and dump their bodies in Manila Bay, where the fish would grow fat from feeding on the corpses. TVJ


  1. dapat iabolish na lang yang CHR, ang ingay ingay ng mga yan pag may namamatay na criminal lalu na pag pulis ang nakapatay, pero pag pulis ang napatay ng criminal tahimik naman sila, sa pagkakaalam ko binou ang CHR para sa kapakanan ng mga mamamayan laban sa pangaabuso ng mga makapangyarihan at mga mapagsamantala, hindi para parotektahan ang nangaabuso mga mapagsamantala na mga criminal at pasaway sa lipunan.

  2. She is only protecting the human rights of the criminals but what about our rights to live in a safe environment free from criminals and our right to a government which is free from corruption? What about our right to be safe at the airports when we arrive from overseas or departure from our country? What about our rights to have our goods when we send balikbayan boxes reached our families not being stolen by corrupt custom personnel? Isn't it oppression collecting tax to a gift we send our loved ones as a gift?

  3. Pamilyang Cojuangco-Aquino? mula gobernador, congressmen, senador, presidente KUMUSTA ANG TARLAC? KUMUSTA ANG PILIPINAS? Budget ni cory sa 6 yrs x2 na malaki sa buong 20yrs na budget ni Apo Lakay. Si anot 10.6Trilyon na may kasamang Trillanes ilang San juanico Bridge napagawa? Ilang Wind Milll napagawa? Ilang Lung Center napagawa? Ilang General Ospital, Ilang Paaralan, Ilang Magat River Hydro Elec Plant etc etc etc ang pinagawaaaaa!!!! Bayan ko na BUDOL-BUDOL tayo ng pamilyang ito. Nakuha tayo sa magandang salita WALANG GAWA PURO NGAWA. Sana po meron maglitis sa kanilang ninanakaw na mga buwis ng bayan. Kawawa ang kapwa nating Pilipinas!

  4. anak ng.. ang mali sa balitang ito.. di sinasabi kung sino ang natatakot kay Mayor Duterte? kasi napakalinaw na sinabi ni Mayor Duterte... "I will be harsh on Drugs, Corruption and Criminality... asan dyan sa sinabi nya na maging harsh ako sa mamayang pilipino.... My God CHR your on the other side of the road... ano ba tlaga ang pinaglalaban nyo.. kapakanan ng mga mamayan na nagbibigay ng buwis sa bayan ang pang sweldo sa inyo.. or dyan sa mga druglords na sumisira sa mga kabataan sa ngayon.. por dyos por santo.. tingnan nyo naman ang sarili nyo sa salamin at itanaw nyo ang paningin nyo sa nangyayari sa kapaligiran about sa mga batang napatay ng sariling magulang dahil sa drugs... mga kababayan... di pa yata nangyari na ang mga tao nag rally pra alisin ang CHR na yan.. subukan kaya natin.. simulan natin sa Social Media at alisin ang bwesit na ahensya na yan.. balakid yan sa pagbabago na gusto natin lahat!