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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Reverse boycott? Duterte bans media from covering the his victory in Davao on June 4 ~SHARE

Looks like the media got boycotted first. A lot of people would like to watch the Thanksgiving on TV but it looks like only PTV4 can cover it.  Too bad, that could have been advertising revenue for GMA & ABS-CBN.

I am guessing, I think PTV4 will be built from the ground up to compete with the other TV networks and that can be bad news for the other channels.

Here is a story I picked up from titled "Mga Mediamen nasa Labas lang hindi pwede pumasok.kanya kanya nalang pwesto."

 Mga Mediamen nasa Labas lang hindi pwede pumasok.kanya kanya nalang pwesto."

According to some Post Circulating now on Duterte Group, and other Pages, Some media men were not allowed to come in and been kick out few meters away from the  Venue :)

EH Di WOW! :)

Davao on June 4.DAVAO CITY, Philippines – All roads will lead to this Mindanao megacity on Saturday, June 4, as it celebrates the 2016 victory in the presidential election of its outgoing mayor, Rodrigo Duterte.

At the Crocodile Park here, workers rush to add the finishing touches for the stage set-up, as security personnel patrol and check the compound. Only the steady hum of a military chopper breaks the chimes from metal scaffolding hitting the ground.

 "It's for everybody. It's more of a celebration for the President-elect's victory, and others feel like it's a celebration of the first Mindanaoan president,"The event is massive. Organizers expect between 200,000 and 500,000 people to shuffle in and out of the Crocodile Park throughout the day

But Wait There's More!

NGA NGA ngayon ang mga Mediamen sa PArty ni Tatay. Hay NAko. Buti nga  sa inyo. Wait niyo na lang yung adobo at kanin papadala sa inyo dyan.  naka styro! Ulam niyo sa pag hihintay Nya ha ha ha!

"For hardcore Davaoeños, this is actually bittersweet for them because we're going to say goodbye to Digong," said Masbad, referring to Duterte by his nickname. Speaking to media in a chance interview, Duterte's executive assistant Christopher Go said the president-elect will speak during the program.


  1. I think more likely Duterte and people boycotted these giant bias media from now.. Go go go showing the true People power! Thanks be to God!! Today there's no horrible bias journalist involve in Thanks Giving. Have a peaceful day everyone!! 😍😍😍😇😇😇 Happy Thanks Giving Philippines and congratulations to our loving Pres Duterte and Happy Thanks Giving Po Mr President Duterte!! I wish I was there today celebrating with you all but I'm very happy that everyone are having great time with our beloved Mayor Pres Duterte... God Be with you all and God Bless you to all!!!

  2. people need to set up #AlternativePeoplesMedia. could be online,yt or fb base

  3. This is great news. During the election, I was really annoyed with the mainstream media. They contribute nothing but bias opinions. I get more honest and relevant news from facebook and other social media from netcitizens. I think it is time to treat these bias mediamen as criminals because they give the people who don't have access to the internet misinformation.