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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Will Leni be a Roxas spy if she'll be given a cabinet post? Agree or disagree ~ SHARE

  • Having Robredo in the cabinet is like planting a 'Roxas' spy inside the cabinet.  Having invested much to make Leni Robredo win, surely the LP would like to see a return on investment.  One way of doing that is by knowing what goes on the the cabinet.  It would be like sleeping with the enemy.
  • One of Duterte's requirements is that members of his cabinet will have a shared vision and since Leni belongs to the Liberal Party, her loyalty will remain with them and may underperform because she does not share Duterte's vision therefore she will lack the passion to excel.
  • Having no passion in her job because she does not share the vision plus her conflicting loyalties; Leni's job performance might suffer thus forcing Duterte to fire her.  Being a gentleman, firing Leni will be an unpleasant thing to do for Duterte.

The my comment a reaction to the the CNN article shown below.  Please read and share your thoughts.

Duterte 'non-committal' on giving Cabinet post to Robredo
By CNN Philippines Staff
Updated 23:34 PM PHT Tue, May 31, 2016

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Incoming president Rodrigo Duterte's Cabinet is almost complete — but has he reserved a spot for vice president-elect Leni Robredo?

"Non-committal ako diyan," said Duterte during a press conference on Tuesday, a day after being proclaimed president-elect.

Duterte said he found no compelling reason to appoint Robredo to a Cabinet position, citing his friendship with Sen. Bongbong Marcos, who trailed behind Robredo in the vice presidential race.

"Kilala ko si Bongbong Marcos [I know Bongbong Marcos]. I do not want to hurt him," said Duterte.

Amid Robredo's proclamation on Monday as vice president-elect, the Marcos camp vowed to continue contesting the election results, stressing there was "massive fraud."

Meanwhile, Duterte said there was no meeting set with Robredo amid plans of the vice president-elect to visit Davao City. When asked what role does he see Robredo performing in his administration, Duterte said: "We are still studying the script of the movie."

In an ambush interview during her attendance at the oath-taking of Bataan officials on Tuesday, Robredo said she didn't feel neglected, as it would take a while for Duterte to trust her.

The vice president-elect said there was no definite schedule yet on her supposed visit to Davao, saying that she would be the one to adjust to Duterte's activities — as the incoming president was still attending to a number of visitors and well-wishers.

CNN Philippines correspondents Ina Andolong and Anjo Alimario contributed to this report.

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