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Sunday, August 28, 2016

3.7M Filipinos use drugs & in 10 yrs.could be 5.7M. What will happen to us? ~SHARE~

I disagree with the speaker when he said that the drug problem can affect the future generations.  In my opinion, it is not a question of can,  because it will affect future generations.

In 2012 PDEA estimated that there were 1.7 million addicts in the Philippines and now it is estimated that there are 3.7 million addicts which represents 4% of our population. It means that 1 in 25 Filipinos is an addict.

If the number of addicts grew by 5% per year, that would mean we will have 5.7 million addicts in 10 years or 6% of our population.  That is 1 in 20 Filipinos addicted to drugs.

Last year I friend told me that they had to fire half of their employees because they were addicted to shabu. Prior to the firing, their company had problems with theft, absenteeism, and very low productivity.

Now that the addicts have no jobs, how do they fund their addiction? Obviously by selling drugs, theft and robbery, prostitution etc...

With drug addiction comes crime and poverty.  

When there is crime business goes down, when business goes down there is no employment and poverty follows, when there is poverty there will be chaos and anarchy. Is this where we want to go?

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