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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Anti-Duterte rally in New York composed of less than 30 people frighten 16 million supporters!

 An anti-Duterte rally which looked big on Facebook but actually looked like it was composed of less than 30 people caught Facebook by storm.

Yellowtards started sharing it as though it was victory of international support and some Dutertards started to panic probably feeling besieged.

Having nothing to do, I decided to zoom in the photos and counted how many participants they had. And as it turned out, there were probably less than 30 people who had nothing better to do that day.

So okay, I exaggerated a bit about 16 million Dutertards getting scared by 30 protesters. My point is that propagandist have a way of making something so small look so big. However, having said that, we Dutertards should never let our guard down. We must be constantly vigilant and reply to all post that will weaken Duterte's support.

We must always have our voices heard in counter protest more matter how small the opposition, because the moment we keep quiet, our silence will embolden our enemies.

Let this be a warning, the Yellowtards have succeeded in fooling the world into thinking that all deaths are extra-judicial.

I don't have the figures, but I believe that a big number of those killed are slain by rival gangs or by their own protectors for fear that the pushers will tell the police who their suppliers were.

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Protesting against an issue they do not understand.
Linda Oalican of Damayan Migrant Workers Association


  1. Because it's illegal to kill them literally so you have the choice to kill them verbally.

  2. Your_Once_Eternal same as why u LIVE now...

  3. migrant who choose to leave their own country and shouts end mass murder? do they even know the plague that drugs is doing here the philippines?

  4. I am supporting Duterte 100% we have so many rape cases in our country kids being rape with no justice becauz we have to always go thru a very long process until its forgotten- rapist usually 90% are high on drugs# in orderr to stop drugs kill the head the main d

  5. Let Philippines be Philippines. It is none of your business. Solve your own problem.

  6. there are people who will just use words like "mass murder" without really digging into what that word implies.. it is sad! inatead of parading and displaying those placards exposing our country to shame, it is better to pray for our country and be one in spirit in our war against drugs.. . in every war there are casualties.. PRAYER works BEST to help us win this battle.

  7. Putang Ina nyong mga pnoy sa america...U take pride living in US and even pnoy seaman just asking for directions minamata nyo as if hihingian kyo ng pera...PUTANG INA nyoiniwan nyo PNAS pra sa pera mga mukhang pera...

  8. Clean your own backyards... you have mass killings in Mid-east and yet you are sleeping in your couch... come-on... Propaganda... Philippines is a Sovereign Country... Our President's Move was based on Peoples Voices!!! He won a clean Election, Keep out of the scene Americans.. you have a greater mess around the world... We don't need your help america, if we want to kick our president out, we can do it alone!

  9. This protesters are used and surely paid to do this nonsense protest. You dont even have any idea what are you fighting for. Filipinos all over the country support the President for his love and concern to his country. He is our last hope to restore peace, security and most of all the welfare of every innocent and law abiding citizens. We Filipinos dont allow any foreign country to interfere in his plans to cleanse our government from all forms of violence and corruptions. Lastly, Being IGNORANT is STUPIDITY

  10. Shame on Linda Oalican of Damayan Migrant Workers, that's why even all of the left they have different agendas DU30 only want's to clean the mess that previous presidents doesn't had the heart and willingness to clean the govt. and criminals and drug addicts these people were being used paid to show the world and discredit our President.