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Monday, August 8, 2016

Couple who believed in rule-of-law killed after reporting death threats ~SHARE~

Watch this video!
When someone threatens to kill us or our loved ones, it is against the law to kill that person before he kills us.  If we strike preemptively and kill that person first, we will end up in jail.

Our only choice is to wait to be attacked and by that time we or our loved ones are dead; and that is exactly what may have happened to Dave Abello and his wife Angel... they ended up dead.

A certain Klye Albuera uploaded this video & photos of alleged killer Allan Contreras Averilla of Minuyan, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

Klye Albuera claims that the couple, Dave Abello and his wife Angel were leaving the Minuyan Barangay Hall where they filed a complaint against Allan Contreras Averilla.  As they left the barangay hall, Allan Contreras Averilla shot both of them from behind.

It is said that Angel was pregnant at the time of her death.

Allan then fled using a motorcycle.

According to Klye Albuera, Dave Abello filed a complaint against against Averilla for death threats and personal injury. The suspect allegedly manhandled Dave inside their home in Tialo, SJDM Bulacan.

Dave's wife Angel was also slapped by Allan Averilla and dragged her outside their house. The suspect also fired shots at Mr. Abello’s feet twice.

Fearing for their lives, the couple had to relocate their residence.

The conflict arose when Allan Contreras Averilla suspected that Dave Abello was the person who reported him as the thief of a black Mio Motorcycle.

During the hearing at the barangay hall, Dave Abello demanded P30,000 pesos from Allan as compensation for the physical injuries.

Allan refused to pay P30,000 and offered to compensate Dave Abello only P5,000 claiming that it was all he could afford.

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  1. i think this is an isolated case wherein the killer is really a bandit kind..the best way is for the operatives to strike first before this bandit killer will have the chance to inflict harm on the accusers/complainant...meaning to say, there was an apprehension right away done to this person, but in this case i think the killing was so fast and one never expects that he can do this at the baranggay hall right after they were interrogated.

  2. what do you know? The killer is actually from Davao. Alyas "Wolf' according to his FB, which is now deleted. He sure owns a lot of guns as shown in his red t-shirt with "staff" written sa likod. I wonder what alyas Bato has to say about alyas Wolf. And ano nga pala yung pinagmamalaki nya sa mga neighbors nya na grupo daw nya? Mga naka-motor din ba? Gising, Pelepeyns. Gising.