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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Drama, she knows she won't be shot because that would be murder ~SHARE~

Before anything, let me just say that if she really wants to die by letting someone shoot her in front of the President, sana huwag na lang mangdamay ng iba. As you see, however shoots her will go to jail, kawawa naman yung taong sinama niya kayang drama.

De Lima has very good PR people and let me show you the message behind what is said.
  1. Rappler reported that De Lima stated "Duterte that he will face humiliation if he continues linking her to illegal drugs." -- Purpose of this statement is to proclaim innocence.
  2. De Lima said that if her critics prove her links to the drug trade "I am willing to be shot in front of the President." - This is drama, even if proven guilty, whoever shots her will go to jail.  Let's face it, NO ONE will be willing to shot her.

    However, if she really wants to die she can do it quietly without drama by committing suicide.
  3. Mapapahiya kayo diyan, at ayoko yang mangyari yang sa inyo (You will be humiliated, and I don't want that to happen to you)." - Drama again, since when was she concerned about not humiliating anyone. She humiliated Duterte before and perhaps many others.
  4. De Lima said she's prepared to resign and to be "shot" for as long as the evidence used against her is "not coerced, not fabricated." - She is conditioning the minds of the people that evidence against her will be coerced or fabricated.
The basis of my opinion is the Rappler story titled De Lima 'willing to be shot' if drug links proven.

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