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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Inquirer: Duterte grossly misinformed (Have they reported anything good about him?) ~SHARE~

Duterte is far from perfect but who is?  Who among the past presidents have made us feel that change is coming and will indeed come?

If Duterte didn't become president, what would have happened to the country's drug problem which we have come to realize (only now) is gigantic.

The United Nations threatened to stop Duterte's anti drug campaign by having him investigated for human rights abuses. The UN wants to impose their will on us Filipinos and turn our country into a narco state. 

While the UN was helped in many ways such as relief, food, and other thing, they have grossly failed in handling peace and order in areas like Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and other trouble spots of the world.

Worst is they have no track record of success in handling the worldwide pandemic of drugs and they want to tell us what to do.

When the president spoke about the UN being useless, I believe he spoke out of frustration.  Here he is working to the good of the nation and his enemies and ours are pulling him back ensuring that he fails.

The global plot to make Duterte fail.
The US & Europe want Duterte to fail and I am certain the are plotting against him. Why are they plotting to make him fail? Because they cannot allow him to succeed.  If he succeeds other nations whose citizens are frustrated will seek a leader who is like Duterte. The west is afraid that Duterte's success will inspire other countries to follow his lead. 

Like it or not, there has not been a modern leader like him at all.

Whatever the president blurted out was a steam of frustration.  Did he mean what he said about pulling out of the UN? I don't think so.

Yes, his statement might have been improper, but so what, I am more interested in the substance of the president rather than form.

Inquirer is very critical of the president. The president has done many good things in less than 100 days but I can hardly recall the Inquirer giving praise he deserves.

Our president is under siege by local and foreign enemies who want to bring him down. When Duterte goes down we Filipinos who have pinned our hopes in him get flushed down the toilet too.

We need to show support for our president. We must rally behind him.

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  1. we will support and we must support Pres Duterte for our own good as a nation.

  2. I trust the President who did all for the good of this country. Some of the local and foreign media are trying to destroy him but i cannot subscribed on their idea anymore. This is because i have my thinking President who walk the talk.

  3. Will support Duterte in his fight against drug trade and corruption.

  4. I will support my president all the way, Take care and God bless my president❤

  5. He is the BEST president a country can have. No wonder we love him and will support him till the end. Walang iwanan. God bless us all!

  6. He is the BEST president a country can have. No wonder we love him and will support him till the end. Walang iwanan. God bless us all!

  7. My support is with him all the way ....!

  8. Me and my family pray for your good deeds, Sir.

  9. Just say the date to rally nationwide, and we will be there to show our support !

  10. I will support our president in any way i can!

  11. We love our president and we will support him all the way.

  12. 100% behind President Duterte & his cabinet members! God bless them always.

  13. Many Filipinos are obviously brainwashed by DUDIRTY and "ChangeIsComing" rhetoric. I would like to hear you after you and your family are victimized and set up as a criminal by the DUD gang. You are nearing dictatorship worst than that of the Marcoses. You will only have China and maybe Russia within 3 years if this continues. You will be the new Cuba. The Philippines will face embargoes left and right, from non-communist countries. I thought Filipinos are better than this.

  14. We will support Him till the end.. We will Pray for His safety... May the GOOD LORD
    protect Our GOOD President...