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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Is InterAksyon trying to humiliate the senators so they will support De Lima? ~SHARE~

I disagree with InterAksyon when it called Duterte a bully and the senators cowards in their online article titled EDITORIAL | The Bully and the cowards.

First of all, Interaksyon can only call the senators cowards if they disagreed with Duterte's actions and did nothing, but if they agreed with what the President did then their silence is called support.

Secondly, calling Duterte a bully is a lie. It is a fact that De Lima has been launching incessant attacks at Duterte and now that he has fought back in full force, InterAksyon calls Duterte the bully.

De Lima has been the one bullying the President for a long time and she has done so with threats and character assassination.  And now that the tables are turned at the lady-senator, her supporters like InterAksyon scream bully!

If the president did not act decisively and swiftly at De Lima's assaults, the President would be perceived as weak and a coward. In the political lions den, any perception of weakness or hesitation to fight back will embolden the enemies and that is the last thing the president would like to project.

President Duterte must project strength all the time and never show vulnerability.

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