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Monday, August 22, 2016

Like PH, Mexico angry at UN for interfering in drug war blocks visit of UN Rapporteur ~SHARE~

Mexico's drug problem is bigger than that of the Philippines and Duterte has stepped into the picture just at the right time to prevent our country from become like Mexico.

Like what the United Nations did to the Philippines,  the UN also interfered with Mexico's war on drugs. While it is easy for the UN to criticize Mexico and the Philippines for waging a war on drugs, they have not offered an effective alternative.

The United Nations and their Rapporteurs do not suffer the consequences of their actions, we the Filipinos and the Mexicans do.

Aside from that, how farfetched is it that these UN rapporteurs can also be bribed. Their salaries are not that big, they are employees of the United Nations who are practically government employees and we all know that government employees are never paid as high as the private sector.

Mexico was right when it blocked United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur Juan Méndez because these human rights lawyers protect the criminals instead of the majority law abiding people.

While it is a sad fact that there will be innocent people killed, that is the sacrifice a nation must take to protect itself from the enemies.

Tragically, the Philippines has its share of casualties.  But which is more important, 1,000 killed who were labeled as drug pushers or the nearly 100 million Filipinos. Drug addicts already constitute 7% of our population, what are we suppose to do?

The basis for my comments is the article titled Mexican Government Blocks Visit of UN Rapporteur on Torture written by Pedro García who is the Spanish managing editor of the PanAm Post. 

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  1. 90% of filipinos are with Duterte's plan for the whole nation... UN cant do anything for that

  2. The UN may not want a country to get rid of drugs and develop more since the raw materials to make the banned drugs comes from big US businesses and if it does not develop, it continues to be "helped" by the World Bank from loans.