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Sunday, August 7, 2016

NPA pro-poor? NPA attacks causes Dole to close & 1500 people lose jobs ~SHARE~

The CPP/NPA claim that their struggle is for the poor and the oppressed yet they destroy and attack businesses that bring income and employment and income to the poor communities.

An story reported this in their story titled NPA attacks prompt banana firm to close shop written by Chris Panganiban of Inquirer Mindanao.

"BAROBO, Surigao del Sur— Multinational banana firm Dole-Stanfilco has decided to shut down its operation here and in nearby Tagbina town following a series of attacks by suspected New People’s Army (NPA) rebels, which targeted its container trucks.

The company employed over 1,500 workers on its 400-hectare plantation.

Dole-Stanfilco has already sent a notice to the Caraga regional office of the Department of Labor and Employment that it was indefinitely shutting down its operations starting on Tuesday.

The company said it could no longer afford to incur losses because of the NPA attacks, which came after it continuously refused to pay revolutionary tax.

Dole-Stanfilco said the escalation of the attacks, including the burning of container trucks that transport bananas to Davao City where it will be transported for export to other countries, has already cost the company at least P20 million in losses.

The latest attack happened a few days ago, when NPA rebels blasted a truck with explosives.

This year, Dole-Stanfilco said it lost seven trucks already. From 2010, the rebels had burned a total of 19 trucks, the company said.

The displaced workers held a march-rally here early this week and denounced the NPA’s attacks that caused the closure of the company.

The protesters, many of them contractual farm workers, asked what would happen to their families now that they have lost their jobs.

“Where now are their claims that they are soldiers of the masses that will look after our welfare? We are here not to fight with arms but to condemn the extortion activities of the NPAs which cost our livelihood,” said Concepcion Jumao-as, who spoke at the rally.

Jumao-as said company officials have told them the NPA’s use of powerful explosives that burned the two trucks carrying the container vans was the main reason for the company decision to shut down its operations.

“Before, they use gasoline in torching the trucks but lately they already use bombs,” she said. Chris Panganiban, Inquirer Mindanao"

The goal of the CPP/NPA is not to help the poor but to make more people poor so that their will be social unrest that will precede a revolution. After the revolution, then the communist leaders will take over the seat of power.

Having said that, name me a communist country that is prosperous. None. All of them, from China, Cambodia, Vietnam, are adopting the free enterprise system.  The NPA's fight is not about the people, it is about power. They want to be in power.


  1. I don't understand what this people are fighting for when they cause hardships among the poorest of the poor. They keep demanding, collecting tax, asking for something they haven't worked for. Isn't that robbery? How are they different from other criminals? Now that these more than a thousand of poor people lost their jobs, do the NPA's feel successful? Is this what they are fighting for?

  2. Blame it on P-Duterte.

  3. Blame it on Duterte who said,
    “I cannot put it to a stop. So factor that in your investments. If you pay to the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue), you prepare also for the NPA.”

  4. Blame it on Duterte who said,
    “I cannot put it to a stop. So factor that in your investments. If you pay to the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue), you prepare also for the NPA.”