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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Panelo's answer to De Lima's 'character assassination' charge will shame her ~SHARE~

Delima has been attacking President Duterte for a very long time. 

After Duterte's exposé, Delima asked the question what did she do to the president to deserve the humiliation.  I nearly coughed when she said that. I thought, was she asking a serious question or was she joking.

Delima called President Duterte's statements 'character assassination' but she forgot the countless attacks she and the liberal party launch against the president.

One of the things that didn't escape me during her two press conferences was that she never confirmed nor deny the president's statements.

She glaringly ignored and side-stepped the issues and went on the offense.  We'll I guess there is truth in the statement that the best defense is an offense.

Shown below is the Press Release of Atty. SALVADOR S.PANELO, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel of President Duterte. Enjoy the read. :-)


President Duterte's statement on Senator De Lima's demeanor as a public official is a continuation of his report to the people on the state of the nation.  

As the Supreme Court puts it, the naming of PRRD of the government officials involved in the illegal drug  trafficking and coddling is an information and not an accusation hence the remarks  of PRRD on Sen. De Lima is an information reported to the nation on the questionable behavior of a public official.  

The question that the good senator should respond to is: Is the information given by President Duterte on her true or not? In her press conference she called she did not deny nor refute the information. Character assassination predicates the adverse information on the conduct of a person as being false.  
For six (6) years Sen De Lima has disparaged the reputation of PRRD as being behind the Davao Death Squads but during her stint as s Chairman of The Human Rights Commission and Secretary of Justice she never filed any criminal complaint against PRRD.  

As an official policy PRRD welcomes any investigation by any entity or any branch of the government on the extra-judicial killings as in fact he has directed the PNP  to investigate the same. PRRD will not allow or tolerate any salvaging of any citizen.    
SALVADOR S.PANELO, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel


  1. IOW, the President caught Delima in a compromising situation in the midst of his no-nonsense war against illegal drugs, and the latter cannot offer any defense except the weak "ad hominem" defense. Lawyer naman siya, so she should have her driver come to her defense, and present evidence to the contrary, and not blithely ignore the serious and adverse information against her. But then again, she cannot, because she has a hidden agenda. We get a hint of this in her 6-year campaign to destroy the then-Mayor of Davao City. When he got to be President, she arrogantly thought she could pursue the same strategy. Unfortunately, it backfired on her.

  2. She thought people will buy her "weakling-injured-old-woman" drama???she brought everything to herself... she screwed herself bigtime!

  3. She thought people will buy her "weakling-injured-old-woman" drama???she brought everything to herself... she screwed herself bigtime!