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Friday, August 5, 2016

PH on the verge of becoming NARCO STATE & but some want war on drugs to fail ~SHARE~

The article written by Jose Ma. Montelibano titled "An almost narco state" shown below is alarming. I agree with Montelibano, we are on the verge of becoming or perhaps we are already a narco state.

Only an idiot or a drug-lord sympathizer will deny the gravity of the drug menace. All those who are in denial have to do is look at the number of surrenderees. Question, why do we have these many addicts? Because the past administration was either incompetent or in cahoots with the drug lords.

I do not like seeing so many people dead, but my question is; what will make the drug lords and pushers stop right now? We cannot let them stop one year or two years from now.... they have to stop now.

Only one thing will make them stop, and that is fear.  Fear is the only thing they will respect, prison time does not matter to them.

In my opinion, those who want the war on drugs to fail want our country to become a narco state.  Do you think those who oppose the war on drugs traitors or not?

Please leave a comment and share your views.

An almost narco state
By: Jose Ma. Montelibano
12:16 AM August 5th, 2016

Duterte and drugs, drugs and surrenderees, drugs and killings, drugs and helplessness—these are the features of today’s ongoing drama. For almost three months, this has been the talk of the town that, instead of fading, is picking up more steam. Day by day, with each related report from media and the rumor mill, the reality of how nearly the Philippines has become a narco state is hitting home.

At first, when fear began to grip the illegal drug industry, greater society cheered. A few individuals who were largely known to be involved in the illegal drug trade were killed or arrested. This was happening even before the formal swearing in of Rodrigo Roa Duterte as President, and cemented early in the view of the public that he meant to do in the Philippines what he had been doing in Davao City. Those directly concerned, whether they were drug dealers, pushers or dependents, apparently believed that, for the first time in decades, they were in actual danger.

Fear can be so compelling that it disrupts established patterns. The fear of Duterte and the new behavior of the authorities, particularly the PNP, caused drug dependents and small-time pushers to surrender. It was a strange reaction to fear, so strange that even those responsible for putting that fear in the hearts of the concerned individuals did not expect these people to surrender. In fact, there was no call for them to surrender in the first place. So when they did, the first hundreds, the first thousands, a phenomenon emerged, and the general public began to realize how bad a cancer illegal drugs had grown in the whole country.

I had written two weeks ago that Philippine society was simply shocked, and I suspect that even the worst suspicions now turn out to be well below the ugly truth. When Duterte himself, either in his exasperation or intent to sow fear, had said that drug dependents who cannot be rehabilitated are better off dead, I do not think that he himself realized just how many drug addicts there are in the country. Only through the shocking volume of surrenderees who do not stop surrendering up to this day is society beginning to imagine just how bad it is.

Because the number keeps growing, estimates on how many have surrendered cannot be fixed. However, it should be safe to assume that more than 200,000 already have, and that hundreds of thousands more may do so in the months to come. Even if Duterte literally meant what he said about drug dependents being better off dead, and I do not believe he did, he will be in a deep quandary imagining how millions would have to die. As I said, I do not believe he meant it more than to send a message, to impress on everyone how serious he was in his promise to confront the illegal drug trade. But I also believe that he and everybody else do not know what to do with those who have surrendered and those anticipated to follow suit.

Meanwhile, killings continue, killings related to drugs, killings by the PNP in what they report as the result of suspects giving armed resistance to being arrested, and killings by nobody knows who, by vigilantes without names and faces, killings of alleged pushers, and innocent lives as well—what is better known as collateral damage.

How, then, can this kind of killings stop?

First, let many understand that the drug-related killings are not new, that, in fact, it had been a constant feature of the illegal drug trade. If the authorities had not been able to keep accurate count and these killings have just been largely included in the unsolved crimes category, it might be easier to go through the records of those in jail or prison today and determine how many of them are drug-related. It might shock us to know that the biggest number will be because of illegal drugs. And that is why the Philippines is almost a narco state.

I keep saying “almost” a narco state. The truth is I do not know if we already are because I am just as shocked at the numbers that are emerging. If the hundreds who have been killed so far, as part of police operations or simply from death squads, are an indication and thousands more will follow, then the growing numbers will bring us closer to being an actual narco state. Remember, it is not Duterte ordering the killings, it is simply the fear that Duterte is deadly serious. This fear is causing thousands to surrender, and this same fear is driving drug lords, drug syndicate members, and drug protectors, from barangay level all the way to high political positions, to kill those who can pin them down. In other words, those directly involved in a narco state are trying to make sure there will be no living witnesses against them.

How close we are to being a narco state is what will determine if the killings will go on and how many these will be. It is as simple as that. Duterte is not ordering the killings, but he has opened Pandora’s box. Will he try to close the box, or even want to? I do not believe so. To do so means he will have to give up on his dream to cleanse the Philippine society of the illegal drug scourge, a cancer now eating away at our body politic. I do not believe he will want to do this at all.
If we believe President Duterte will wage his campaign relentlessly, then expect more of the same—including the killings that are beginning to upset our sensibilities. If nothing new and substantial is introduced in this emerging pattern of a presidential resolve and the consequential killings, then there is no reason why the pattern will change.

What, then, can be done, and by whom?

There must be a way, and we must find it. I believe there is, and hope to share it in coming articles.


  1. We must support 101% to our President Duterte

    1. Ano bang gusto nila? Tanga lng ang hindi sumusuporta sa Presidente, nkita nmn nila kng gaano na kalawak ang droga sa Pilipinas.

  2. We must thank God and President Duterte that he run for president. If he didn't, what do you think is the state of the Philippines?I wish he run before when he was young but we can't turn back the time. People were in shocked to witness the number of pushers, addicts, drug lords and protectors. Where are their minds? Where is the oath and pledge to serve the country? Is money more important to them than the welfare of the Filipino people who are responsible in paying their monthly salary? Are they not shame?

    God is good. He sent President Duterte to be our president who is completely different from the previous administration. In his days term, there's so much has been achieved although not all has been implemented but his words is there and true. He give hope to people even during his campaign. He make sure that everything will be ok so long we support his administration especially his plan for the country.

    Are those opposition were confident enough that their relatives will not benefit the good intention of the present administration? Can they help and suffice their daily needs? Are they all rich? Or they are just selfish thinking only about themselves?

    We are all Filipino. Some of us have children and we grow old. Do you want our own children will be addicts and pushers and allowing them to destroy themselves? of course if our children is stealing, raping and do other horrendous things, parents are the most who are affected. If we don't support President Duterte who will support him?

    Let us remember, bit by bit, people are trusting this present administration. They feel the change has started to blossom. Let us remember more than 16 millions who voted for him. And that 16 millions voters and now supporters are willing to risk their lives for their president the way our president risk his life for the people, FOR US!

    We can't stop some individual's perception and way of thinking. Let us stand for the truth and what is right. We must think positive for the welfare of our future generation. Let us support this administration for the betterment of all.

    Our country is in PERIL. We must unite to help achieve peace by supporting this administration 101%.


  3. Yes to that. I'm with our president all the way.

  4. This is war. A war or drugs, a war against addiction, a war needed in order to save the future of the Philippines. And like any other war, there will be collateral damage-intended or unintended. Such is the nature of war.And all those that say otherwise are simply fooling themselves or are parroting platitudes they just have read somewhere or mouthed by someone which either simply appeals to their emotions or (psuedo) intellectual posturing without fully grasping the point of the whole exercise. Besides, it lies in the vanity and overweening self- importance of being which is an inexorable part of human nature to quickly condemn others for what they do in trying to solve gravely seriously problems but the critics themselves unable to offer real, viable solutions so such serious problems as the drug malaise of our country. Let these useless naysayers, hollow nitpickers continue parroting platitudes which they do decorate their own sense of self-importance with but actually produce nothing but ignorant, hollow noise ,pretty much like those empty tin cans people string together and tie to the bumpers of their cars come new year. As for you Mr. President, I salute you for your consistency and resoluteness to better the conditions in the Philippines. It was about time the country was led by a politician who truly desires the best for this country.

  5. We are a Narco State, and proof to that, the thousands of surrenderees all over the country and we have not even made a dent on the enormity of the situation. It is now or never. The magnitude of the drug problem grows in an exponential way and that is the most alarming part. If President Duterte did not win, our country will soon be a dead country with ZOMBIES running around. And do you or anyone of us like that? Do you like that to happen?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. May I ask the author to please make a concrete illustration to what will happen to the Philippines after 6 years if this drug on war by the president will stop. with these 600,000 surrenderees what will happen if they did not surrender, what is the effect to the young ones, to the community, to the society, what is the picutre after 6 years?

  8. Is there a way to erase the faces of Cynthia Patag, De5, CJ Sereno, Jim Paredes and cronies on earth. Because they are not helping their fellow Filipinos. They are not helping the pres. They cant do things that the president is doing right now for the love of the country. So please,volunteer themselves to erase their faces on earth. Stupid they are!

  9. General George S. Patton said in an address before his troop the following: "NO BASTARD EVER WON A WAR BY DYING FOR HIS COUNTRY. HE WON IT, BY MAKING THE OTHER POOR DAMN BASTARD DIE FOR HIS COUNTRY." That was during the 2nd World War.

    I could imagine, in a seemingly war situation that we have today, President Duterte saying this, same essence, to his men in uniform in his fight against drugs. We cannot afford to lose good men to the other bad bastards that destroy our country. They have already destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives this far.

    So, what the heck how our men do their thing ... to stop those bastards from further inflicting irreversible damage to our hapless citizenry.