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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Piñol, Duterte's agri sec. accused of power tripping on board Cebu Pacific ~SHARE~

A certain Jordan Pombo accused Duterte's Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol of power tripping on board a Cebu Pacific Davao-Manila flight. His reason for accusing Manny Piñol was because Mr. Piñol called Department of Transportation Secretary Tugade to assist him in getting off the plane because Manny had many meetings to attend.

At first glance, it would be easy to judge Sec. Piñol and say he was power tripping.

However, if you look at the bigger picture and realize that meetings Sec. Piñol must attend are of national importance then it presents a different perspective.

We must consider that these meetings are no trivial matter; the inputs Piñol contributes into these meetings and the decisions that will be made will affect the lives of many Filipinos.  Secretary Piñol must be in those meetings.

Perhaps what  Jordan Pombo (if he is his real person) wanted Mr. Piñol to do was sit helplessly in that plane.  If the secretary just sat there and did nothing then I would have lost my respect for him because it would show that he has poor problem solving skills. Secretary Piñol had a problem and he solved it. These are the kind of people we need in government.

Personally, I think Manny Piñol the right thing. What do you think?

Shown below is the post of Jordan Pombo and below it is Manny Piñol's response.  Please read both to make an intelligent comment.


Manny Piñol's reply

I'm confused Jordan


By Manny Piñol

A scary incident happened during my flight to Manila from Davao City today.

Just as the Cebu Pacific Air plane was about to land, the pilot suddenly pulled up and aborted the landing due to poor visibility.

The pilot later decided to divert the plane to Clark International Airport where we were told to wait until the Manila Airport authorities give a clearance for the plane to land.

I have three appointments scheduled in Manila today before I fly back to Davao City tonight for a series of engagements again tomorrow.

I already missed the first one at 9 a.m. and not knowing how long we would stay in Clark, I asked the stewardess if I would be allowed to get off the plane so I could take a car back to Quezon City where I have a 12 noon engagement.

When she said "No," I called up Sec. Art Tugade of the Dept. of Transportation to help me get out of the plane so I could be present in my last two engagements.

Calls were made and finally the Captain of the plane, agreed to let me deplane along with three other passengers who also had appointments and who only had hand carried luggage like me.

On the way back to Manila, my daughter sent me a message attaching a post obviously from a fellow passenger named Jordan Pombo who described my act to seek the help of the DOTr Secretary to get off the plane as "power-tripping."

Here is the message I sent to him:

"hi. interesting observation you made about my desire to get off the plane so i could perform my duties as a govt. official. would you have preferred that i stayed in that plane for 3 hours waiting for it to take off while people who i need to serve were waiting for me? i have three engagements in manila today. i already missed the first one. two others are scheduled at 12 noon and 3 p.m. i have to fly back to davao tonight to attend another engagement tomorrow in north cotabato. you call that power-tripping? isn't that supposed to be described as "hardworking?"

Actually, before I got off, I apologised to the crew and the other passengers within hearing distance from me for the inconvenience I caused by getting off the plane.

Jordan Tombo, bless his young soul, may not have heard me thus he deemed to call my effort to go to great extra lengths and discomfort as "power tripping" instead of calling me "hardworking."

Well, I can't please everybody.

Sorry @Jordan Pombo.

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