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Monday, August 15, 2016

PINOY Traffic cop challenges motorist to a fight after motorist tells him he knew his rights ~SHARE~

Test your sense of justice.Who among the two is right or wrong? How would you react if you were the police or the motorist?

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  1. Abusado civillian. Mas malaki perwisyo na ginawa nya. Nainsulto lang sya pero natural sa mga police ang kailangan patupad tungkulin nila kahit minsan makitaan ng init ng ulo. Kung ang ciivilian nato ang naging police palagay ko sa ugali nya di lang maghahamon ng away baka inupakan na ying civilian.

  2. the motorist is so mouthy and speaks in high tone.. very arrogant...his high tone is very challenging.

  3. The civilian is very disrespectful. Just because you know your rights doesn't give you the authority to be arrogant. I salute the policeman for bearing all of this civilian's tirades. He showed moments of irritation, but he still showed his tolerance. This civilian should go back to GMRC class and educate him on other people's rights this time.

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  5. Dalhin ninyo sa munisipiyo at doon magpaliwanag....