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Friday, August 26, 2016

VIDEO - Leni Robredo makes it appear that Pavia was a victim of extrajudicial killing? ~SHARE~

The video shown above shows Leni Robredo making it appear that 24 year old Ateneo math teacher Emmanuel “Em-J” Jose Pavia was a victim of extrajudicial killing.

As per an's story,  Pavia was killed because he was "helping somebody who was being robbed that night when the gunman shot him along St. Joseph Avenue at Dela Costa Homes in Barangay Barangka, Marikina City, past 7 on Monday night.".

Yellowtard Facebook trolls have been shamefully spreading lies and blaming Pavia's death on Duterte's war on drugs. That is so 'disente' of them to exploit this tragedy to push their agenda of destabilizing the government

The facts of this story is based on the video and the Inquirer article titled Ateneo mourns murder of HS math teacher.

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  1. But she was very cordial and friendly when she met Duterte who gave a job which unfortunately she is not doing.

    1. She was too cordial, sobra tawa niya, pinagalitan daw siya ng mga anak niya dahil tawa siya nang tawa. Kasi naman nagpa paimpress siya sa presidente, first time sila magkita kaya pinakita niya na tuwangtuwa siya.

  2. Why you need to cut the video on the part she was explaining the relevant of her story? Don't fool the people and clash different groups. Spread love not hatred.

  3. shes not worth it to be a VP since the election outcome counting of the Pecos machine is tampered and questionable.