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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Because of Duterte, consumers’ confidence index finally lands in the positive territory

Yellowtards will never post or share this. If they had their way, they would probably hide this bit of news from you.

Why would they do that?  We because they are immature and bitter and want the country to collapse under Duterte. Everything they post is bad news, and even if it is good news they want to make it bad.

Because the Yellowtards feel bad, they want the rest of the country feel bad. Isn't that childish behavior of spoiled brats?

Please read the article written by Lee C. Chipongian of the Manila Bulletin titled Consumer confidence turns positive – BSP published last September 9, 2016.

Consumer confidence turns positive – BSP 
Finally, Filipino consumers’ confidence index landed in the positive territory and at its highest since the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) first conducted the survey in 2007 on perceived improvement in peace and order situation, availability of more jobs, stable commodity prices and expected increase in salaries.

The BSP said that Filipino consumers’ confidence index (CI) was highest at 2.5 percent in the third quarter versus the previous quarter’s -6.4 percent.

In presenting its third quarter Consumer Expectations Survey (CES), the BSP noted that this is the first time that the optimists outnumbered the pessimists since they first conducted the survey in 2007.

The BSP said the optimism stemmed from the perceived improvement in the peace and order situation, availability of more jobs, stable prices of commodity and an expected increase in salaries.

The survey report also highlighted effective government policies, the new administration and its war on drugs, and continued assistance from the government conditional cash transfer or the “4Ps” (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program).

The BSP said consumers’ positive outlook extends to the fourth quarter this year and in the next 12 months.

This is shown with a CI of 27.3 percent for the next quarter versus 5.6 percent in the last survey, and for the year ahead the CI was 43.8 percent compared to 26.6 percent in the previous survey.

“Consumers anticipated that improvements in the peace and order situation, availability of more jobs, salary increases and good governance would continue over the next 12 months.

They also expected possible decrease in prices of goods, lesser household expenses as well as an increase in household income and savings which could translate to growth in real income and higher purchasing power of the household,” said the BSP.

The survey also said that for most Filipinos, they think inflation rate would continue to decline over the next 12 months and this “indicates that inflationary expectations are likely to moderate over the next 12 months.”

“In the meantime, fewer expected interest rates to increase as the CI dropped to its record low. (They) also view that the peso would continue to appreciate against the US dollar over the next 12 months,” said the BSP.

Consumers also see positive movement in the unemployment index in the year ahead which could “translate to improved labor conditions.”

The current CES was conducted July 1 to July 12 and covered 5,810 households nationwide. About 3,002 or 51.7 percent were from the National Capital Region (NCR) and 2,808 or 48.3 percent from areas outside of the NCR.

The BSP said 46.9 percent of survey respondents were from the low-income group, 38.8 percent from the middle-income group and 14.2 percent from high-income group.


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  2. Sweetheart, Consumer Index is perception-based. It is not really the tangible outcome of a prospering economy. It is not the actual abundance of food that you eat hand to mouth. It may reflect the level of popularity of the present president but "SWEETHEART", all presidents all over the world, have high popularity ratings at the start which eventually drop down at some point in their tenure. And major components of this CI, which are improving economy and employment rate, they are leveraged from achievements of the previous administration. So don't credit that much to your president. It is too early to celebrate...

    1. It's all about LEADERSHIP, the President has the CPM (Critical Path Method) applied governance to achieve such goal, whether it is accurate or not.

    2. show yourself dont hide from a fake account let us wait and see after this year. itrust the pres. your mockery to him will bring you diwn. yellow tards u cant deny the change pres. duterte brought.. kahit na mararamdaman nyo yan im sure you will never appreciate because your business is on the drug trade

    3. Baby gurl, is it right to assume that you are not a Filipino since you used the phrase, "your president"? So it is understandable for me that you would not feel the same with the majority of us Filipinos, you may not be living here and cannot appreciate how our 71 year old president is giving his all to make our country livable and safe for our children. So with this context, I find nothing wrong with your comment, because this is a free world and your word should not bother all of us.

  3. Babygurl, you belong to the pessimists thats why...yellowtards...

  4. Babygurl, it his popularity and campaigning for the good of our country is what driving the Philippines economy to increase as investors now safe to say that corruption is a lot better situation than in the past administrations.

  5. Babygurl, the president has only 6 years term. The time he finish his term, the economy raises really high Now, if the next president will continue Pres. Duterte's policy rest assured the country is in a better place. MABUHAY lang PILIPINAS!