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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Conspiracy to discredit Aguirre? Who leaked the unverified BDO accounts to Philstar?

The Yellowtards tried to make it appear to the media that the DOJ officially released the deposit slips allegedly deposited to the account of Bogs C. Obuyes when in fact it was leaked to PhilStar by an anonymous DOJ employee.

In a reaction to the story that the deposit slips were fake, DOJ Secretary Aguirre said, “So I am careful in assessing the documents. I don’t immediately trust the information being given to me,”

Over the years, Aguirre said he has also developed the skill to determine if a person was lying or not.

So the question is, who leaked the document to the media?  Who gave PhilStar the unverified document?

Here is a conspiracy theory worthy of a movie:

Bring down Duterte by discrediting Aguirre.

1) Send fake deposit slips to Aguirre as part of the proof of De Lima's illegal activities.
2) Make sure that the deposit slips are full of errors.
  • April 18, 2014 falls on a Good Friday. Banks are closed therefore over-the-counter bank transactions were possible.
  • The bank account was in "Bogs" C. Obuyes which her nickname, her real name is Edna and banks require accountholders to use their real names.
  • Wrong spelling and grammar. Diposits" and "₱24,000,000.00 millions.
3) Anonymous DOJ employee gives a copy of the deposit slips to the Philstar.
4) Philstar publishes the story on September 2 at 12:am.

Then the social media frenzy to discredit Aguirre followed.

After PhilStar published the story, Bogs posted this on Facebook.  (It is also interesting to note that Bogs did not take the lie detector test.)

What do you think is going on? Please comment to share your thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, so dubious! Brilliantly executed ... never even thought it could be possible. I guess I'm way behind these day's technologies.