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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Do yellowtards love our country? If yes, why do they spread bad news even if there is good news. Share

The goal of the Yellowtards is not to help our country progress, but to make us look bad so Duterte will fail.

Shown below is an article written by MJ Quiambao Reyes.


Did you know that for the 1st time in 24 years, Phil Stocks soared and rose by 23.78 points after Duterte delivered his 1st SONA?

When the PSEi went up very significantly that time, his critics were quick to dismiss and said: "That's not because of Duterte. That's normal. Stocks always go up after every SONA!"
Ang tatalino nila eh!

BUT did you know that PSEi consistently went down after initial SONAs of Aquino, Arroyo, and Estrada--contrary to what they said?

(please check the photos)
When Phil Stocks dropped the other day (which for those who really know stocks is but normal), the bleeding hearts, propagandists, & yellow journalists went to town and had an early Christmas! They cheered and filled their walls with PSEI reports blaming Duterte left and right and yes, even taunting his supporters.

Someone even tried to challenge me to refute his statements about that drop and Duterte being the reason behind it according to his reliable source-- a "reputable tourist guide". Sorry for him but I do not engage in a battle of wits with high and mighty people who think they have the monopoly of knowledge and whose intention is just to discredit the new govt.

Instead, I am sharing these info to you, my friends, so that YOU are equipped with the right and necessary information and not be easily swayed by misleading and distorted reports and misinformed opinions. Like I always say to you guys, it is always better to be more informed than merely opinionated. Wag nyo po gayahin ang kabila na puro banat lang at paninira--sabay proclaim themselves as disente.

Friends, wag na po tayong makipagmurahan at bangayan pa. Just be more informed and be the better man. We do not need to proclaim ourselves as the decent or intellectuals--let's just think, and act, and talk, and show them how to be one.

P.S. The Stocks rose again today! ;)

(Pakihambalos na lang po sa pagmumukha ng ilan nating mga kapwa Filipino na sa halip makipagtulungan sana muna sa bagong gobyerno ay pilit nilang pinababagsak agad! At hayan, lumabas na naman ang aking pagka-Amazona! Nyahaha! Tao lang po. Now you guys have to remind me too, sometimes! :-) :-) :-) )
#mediawatch #mjquiambaoreyes

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