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Friday, September 2, 2016

If ejaculation is murder then what do you call menstruation?

Growing up as a Catholic, it was pounded into my psyche that sex was a sin.

I remember one of my religion teachers lecturing us about the evils of masturbation. She said that it would stunt our growth and that boys who masturbated where worsts than animals.

As a consequence, the shorter boys in our class were seen as the 'jerkers'.

As a Catholic, I was told that the only reason for sex is to have children. I was not even suppose to enjoy sex and that the intention of sex was to get the girl pregnant. Of course I don't believe in that BS anymore so when I came across the article "Pro-Lifers Declare “Ejaculation Is Murder: Every Sperm Cell Is A Life”, I had a really good laugh.

If ejaculation outside the vagina is murder, then what do you call  menstruation when egg cells are flushed out as blood because the women did allow herself to get pregnant? Honestly, when I hear religious people speak like this, it gives credence to what atheist say that "religious people are stupid".

Shown below is  the article titled "Pro-Lifers Declare “Ejaculation Is Murder: Every Sperm Cell Is A Life" which provoke writing my comments.

Pro-Lifers Declare “Ejaculation Is Murder: Every Sperm Cell Is A Life”

The pro-life movement in the United States has long advocated their stance that human life begins at conception and that the human fetus is a person and therefore has a right to live. However, a new argument has taken flight over the last month that is taking the abortion debate to the next level. The variety in opinion on the issue of abortion is reflected in the diverse views of religious groups, but now pro-lifers are declaring “ejaculation is murder” and they want strict laws against the practice.

 “Life begins BEFORE conception. This is why the Catholics do not believe in birth control,” said Rachel Stratt, pro-life activist. “God made men’s semen for a purpose, and you can just “waste” that purpose by gratifying yourself whenever you want to. Every time you do, you are literally killing thousands of babies! Ejaculation is murder and every sperm cell is a life!”

Stratt and her group of protesters are calling for a law that will make ejaculating for self gratification illegal in every state across the country. “Millions upon millions of innocent lives are wasted every day while men have lustful thoughts or watch those sick p*rnos on P*rnHub. We have got to put a stop to this as a human race. Save the sperm, save the children!” A petition on to stop the ‘needless wasting of sperm through self gratification’ has already received 85,000 signatures in less than three weeks. The petition needs 100,000 signatures before it is reviewed and responded by the White House. This week, 38 White House conservatives say they would pass the bill if given the opportunity to do so – all 38 of them are women. Click Here To ‘LIKE’ Straight Stoned On Facebook!

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  1. Exactly my though when i actually have a time to finally think abt this

    IF every sperm count as live, as so with every eggs that every woman produce..

    Meaning that

    Women arent allowed to have menstruation

    From the very first time they ovulate they MUST be impregnated

    As the saying




    Would also be valid