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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Netizens plea to fellow Pinoys - He needs us now more than ever! Please share.

Barely 3 months into the presidency, Duterte's enemies and our enemies have not stopped trying to make our country fail.

The foreign powers and domestic enemies are trying to push our country into a state of crisis. Dindo Ilagan's post reflects the sentiment of majority of the Filipinos because we need to rally behind our president.

Our president needs us now!


He needs us now more than ever.
by Dindo Ilagan 

More than three months ago, we took the challenge. It was a challenge for change and voting for the President was our first, most important step. But it wasn't just one step. It was meant as a collective journey---the President, you, I and the rest of the people.

Now that the challenge has been raised to a higher level, we have to remain strong and steadfast for that journey. The bombing is not only intended to kill and scare people. It was also designed to insult our dear President---Davao being his hometown. It is to mock the achievements of a peaceful and progressive city, once the hotbed of lawlessness and disorder. It is to mock the President's Agenda for Change---greater security and lasting peace with more food on our tables.

We took the challenge for change because we believe in it. And we believe because we want something to be achieved. Now is another time to show our commitment for change. And it must begin within us. We cannot just stand idle and watch things pass by.

We have to act collectively.

We need to be involved!

We need to be vigilant, consistent with our goal and more courageous. Let us rally the 16 million voters who overwhelmingly elected our President and enjoin the rest of the nation. Let us be united---all for one!!! God bless the Philippines and its people!

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