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Thursday, September 1, 2016

This is insane! They get free food, medical care, & housing while the law abiding work to death!

WTF was my first reaction when I came across Netizen MJ Reyes's post.

This is insane, these criminals have done so much damage to society and even when they are convicted they still continue to punish us. Where is justice here?

Imagine society having to provide free board and lodging for a convicted rapist/murderer for the rest of his life while honest hardworking people toil until till they die.

Liberal minded people say that prison is their punishment. Really! For many prisoners it is a resort where they get free food, medical care, and housing.  As a matter of fact there are cases where a prisoner who is released kill so that they are sent back to prison.

Why this insanity? Because criminals have human rights and have to be treated humanely while the rest of us are not.

Shown below is what MJ Reyes posted, please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

MJ Reyes

Spending Php 74,000 per prisoner per year from people's fund is an injustice for all of us law-abiding, hardworking, tax-paying citizens of this land.

Our lawmakers, law enforcers, judiciary, and other relevant agencies must look into this and do needful. I hope they can study and maybe consider the following: community service & house arrest (for light and 1st time offenses), death penalty for those convicted of heinous crimes, parole, livelihood (make our prisoners productive and self-sufficient), lower bail bond for minor & 1st time offenses, among others...

COA must also look into possible leakages/corruption. I find it strange that we have huge budget for these prisoners yet if you check their condition, they're mostly living and treated like rats. Sinu-sino ang mga nakinabang o patuloy na nakikinabang?

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