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Thursday, September 8, 2016

What do we do when the institution that is suppose to protect us betrays us? Share

What do we do when the institution that is suppose to protect us betrays us?

The media which is controlled by the elite has been twisting the truth to make sure Duterte fails. For once in our history, we have a President who wants to make real change and his enemies are making sure his every move is blocked.

I am so frustrated that sometimes I want to cry in anger, however if I feel this way; I wonder how the president feels.

Another Filipino who is equally frustrated is MJ Quiambao Reyes who posted on her Facebook wall and wrote the following:

By MJ Quiambao Reyes
Shame on all the pseudo-journalists, editors, & publishers who are giving journalism a bad, bad name!

Shame on all the papers & news agencies who allow the gross prostitution of what should have been a noble profession!

Stop calling yourselves journalists when all you're obviously after for is to bring down Duterte and this new government.

Wag kayo magtanga-tangahan just so you can continue to mislead people and scare them and sow hate for the new President!

Why give such a headline and make it appear that State of Lawlessness grants Warrantless Arrest when all these that you mentioned are in fact existing standard clauses for warrantless arrests?

In layman's term, dati na itong procedure or standard clauses kung saan kahit sino pa na kasakuyang gumagawa ng krimen (kasalukuyang pumapatay o nangri-rape halimbawa) ay maaring arestuhin. Dati na ito! Mga gago kayo!

What is your agenda in coming- up with such malicious and highly misleading news report? Scare the Filipino people and turn them against the new government?

I'm curious, how much is the cost of your newspaper these days?

Those papers who have been using distorted and malicious headlines placing at risk our diplomatic relations with other countries---

Those papers who are coming up w/ misleading reports like this just to turn the public against the government--

You are a disgrace to your country & fellowmen. You should be sanctioned for Malice (if not, inciting to sedition or other more appropriate charges).
Ang aga aga nakakataas kayo ng presyon!

Kayong mga klase ng yellow journalists, kayo dapat sini-Senate Hearing at pinu-front sa mga Police Operations!…/proclamation-allows-arrest-w…
#MediaWatch #MJQuiambaoReyes

1 comment:

  1. Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to lie and destroy. The press controlled by oligarchs will continuously distort the news,fuel disgust and discredit our president to achieve their greedy objectives. They want to preserve the status quo they have enjoyed during the rule of the Yellows. The yellows were beneficiaries of the oligarchs in terms of millions of political contribution. Now that our president is not beholden to them and cannot be manipulated, they want to destroy him.