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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Will we still love the USA if the PH turns into a narco state like Mexico because of US interference?

If our country turned into a narco state like Mexico because of US interference ,will our love for the US turn sour?

I have always been pro-US ever since I can remember but now my sentiments are starting to change. For once we have a leader who is fighting the scourge of drugs which threatens to turn our country into a narco state like Mexico. Unfortunately, the most powerful country in the planet wants us to fail.

Under the pretext of human rights, the US has put pressure on our president to halt its war on drugs, however if they were really sincere about human rights abuses why don't they put pressure on repressive governments like Saudi Arabia?

Bringing the issue of human right closer to home, the US supported Marcos whose human right record is said to be covered in blood because it guaranteed that the US interest were protected.

The way I see it, the human rights issue is being used against Duterte because he is not an American boy. Duterte is too nationalistic and what he wants is for the country to get the best deal from the US, Japan, China and even Russia.  And I don't think the USA likes that.

The basis of my comment is the PhilStar article titled US stands firm on human rights issues in Philippines.  Please read the full article shown below.

US stands firm on human rights issues in Philippines
By Patricia Lourdes Viray (
September 7, 2016 - 11:33am

MANILA, Philippines — The United States maintained that it will not soften its criticism about human rights concerns and drug issues in the Philippines.

US Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner said that Washington is willing to have a conversation with the Philippines regarding its concerns about human rights.

"President [Rodrigo] Duterte may disagree with us strongly on that, and that’s part of the conversation of – between allies and partners that take place on – with a number of countries around the world," Toner said in a press briefing on Tuesday.

Toner added hat expressing such concerns is a part of a healthy bilateral relationship between two nations.

"So that’s part of what we believe to be a healthy bilateral relationship, where we can express those kind of concerns, as we do with countries around the world and governments where we believe there are credible reports of human rights abuses," the US State Department official said.

The Philippine president has expressed regret over his tirade against Obama which came out as a personal attack.

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